Design of a house from glued timber on the Karelian Isthmus

This wooden country house is built in a picturesque place of the Karelian Isthmus. It is surrounded by a pine forest, not far from the entrance to Lake Mednoe. The construction used Finnish technology. Customers wanted this house to be harmonious, not too bright, sustained in one tone. In the design of the house of glued laminated timber, it was possible to take into account the different tastes of its future residents and to combine the classic decoration with the latest architectural innovations.

How to make a pillow donut out of felt?

Materials Fleece fabric or felt - 1 meter beige color, 0.5 meter pink color (lilac, blue, yellow - at your choice) Small pieces of fabric of the same grade of bright colors: orange, red, brown, white. Sewing a donut out of felt requires a sewing machine, as well as threads of the same color as the main material.

Decorating a sun mirror do it yourself

To create a bright accent indoors, to give it individuality, you can use such a popular design method as decorating a mirror. Using a small round mirror, create an expressive mirror-sun composition with your own hands. Such decoration may look different, depending on what is used for decorating the mirror.

Mirror tile in the interior: design features, photo

In the photo, the interior of the living room is in the loft style, the decoration of one of the walls is made with mirror tiles. The reflective surface can be applied to virtually any material - plastic, foil, ceramic, polymer or metal plates. In addition, the metal can be processed in such a way that it will have a mirror effect without additional coating.