House on a cliff overlooking the ocean

The cottage is ideally inscribed in the landscape: it seems to be “slipping” from the slope, clinging at different levels for uneven terrain. So that the house really did not slide down, it was necessary to strengthen the foundation with the help of powerful supports hammered into the rock. The view from this unusual house with an ocean view opens in different directions and is striking in its picturesqueness: lying in the bedroom, you can admire the continuous movement of the waves, sitting in the living room, overlooking the rocks on the coast.

One-story country house with a flat roof in Scotland

The panorama penetrating into the huge windows is truly magnificent, it was for her sake that the construction of this house was started. Future owners spent a lot of time in these places, coming here for several years to admire the scenery, regardless of the weather, which is quite capricious in the local latitudes. Living among nature, not paying attention to the time of year - this is the opportunity offered by this one-story country house.

How to make a mask for Halloween do it yourself

Traditionally, Halloween, which came to us from ancient Ireland, Scotland, is celebrated on October 31 almost everywhere. On this day, it is customary to decorate pumpkins with scary faces and lanterns, empty inside, to guess in all sorts of ways, put on awesome carnival costumes, paint a face or wear a mask.

Crafts from plastic bottles: ideas and workshops

Plastic bottles have long entered the everyday life of every person. This is due to their practical use. They do not fight, have small weight, any size, small cost. These characteristics have contributed to the displacement of glass in favor of plastic. The counters are filled with milk, water, carbonated drinks, other useful liquids poured into plastic bottles.

The interior of a room without windows: options, photos

The design of a room without a window has its own characteristics. As a rule, try to create the impression that daylight still gets inside. This can be achieved in various ways, starting with the installation of additional lamps and ending with the cutting through of real window openings. Imitation In the design of a room without a window, quite often they use an imitation technique: in one way or another they create the impression that there is a window in the room.

Combined curtains: types, design, ideas of combinations of fabrics, decoration

What types of curtains can be combined? Advertising The modern market in the field of the textile industry does not stand still and is developing dynamically, which has a good effect on new concepts for decorating space with textiles. However, despite the new proposals and innovations, most of the solutions are perfectly combined with the already familiar types of curtains, which are listed below.