White tiles in the bathroom: design, shape, color combinations, layout options, grout color

White tile in the bathroom is a classic design. This design, despite the fact that it does not bear any emotional coloring, using texture, adding contrasting accents and correct drawings, can completely change the visual perception of the entire space.

Features white trim

There are a number of nuances:

  • This finish gives the room more light.
  • White tile is particularly appropriate in small bathrooms in the Khrushchev, as it visually changes the dimensions of the space, making it more spacious.
  • This design is aesthetically pleasing and has a fresh and stylish look.
  • The finishing material is white, the main advantages are that it has no design limitations, due to which it is perfectly suited for any style decisions.

Tile location in the bathroom

Several accommodation options.

On the walls

Thanks to a huge variety of shapes and designs, plain or seamless ceramic cladding is the best decorative element for decorating walls and creating a unique interior.

In the photo, the interior of a modern bathroom with white tiles on the walls.

On the floor

Outdoor white porcelain, is more durable, simple enough to clean, has a very attractive appearance and refreshing color, giving the atmosphere of expressiveness, refinement and style. The only disadvantage is the increased marketability and impracticality.

In a niche

The groove, decorated with white tiles, especially harmoniously fits into the overall styling of the room, adding personality to it. Such niches can be located near the door, above the bathtub, toilet, near the shower or washbasin.

On the photo is a bathroom and a narrow niche with lighting, decorated with white mosaic tiles.

In the shower

For walls and floors in the shower, clinker tile cladding is the most popular and practical solution, not subject to fungus and the appearance of bacteria.

White tile color combinations

In order to slightly dilute the white design, apply harmonious tint combinations.

White and brown

They are a great complement to each other and represent a win-win design option that favorably emphasizes the interior of the bathroom.

Black and white

Contrast duet white top dark bottom or vice versa, divided by a border in the middle, is considered a classic. Snow-white finish, complemented by dark accents in a staggered manner or in any other location, becomes more interesting and spectacular.

The photo shows a contrasting combination of white and black tiles in the interior of the bathroom combined with the toilet.

Gray white

Graphite, lead, steel, anthracite or a shade of wet asphalt, in combination with white, look really stylish. With this perfectly balanced tandem, most often decorate rooms in the style of minimalism or high-tech.

White and blue

To create a stylish design, use a combination with blue, azure, turquoise or turquoise tiled. These two shades allow you to create a light and slightly cool atmosphere, and when decorating surfaces using pebble masonry, seashells, starfish or themed drawings, you can create a truly marine interior.

With beige

Such a calm combination, due to its neutrality, will visually enlarge and expand the space.

The photo shows a bathroom with a combination of white and beige tiles.


It gives the setting a particularly delicate, elegant, attractive and at the same time noble appearance.

With silver

Will be the final, slightly glamorous touch and a wonderful accent in any bathroom.

With gold

It has an unusually solemn and elegant look, giving the design aristocratic nobility and high cost of living.


Due to the spectacular glow, golden, greenish tints and blue and gray highlights, mother of pearl looks especially amazing and gorgeous.

Which color should I choose for white?

White tile with black grout or with gray grout is definitely a very practical solution, since dark seams will not lose their attractiveness over time and do not require regular cleaning, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of the lined plane.

The photo has a bathroom and a white square tile with black trowels.

Also, grout seams can be plain or have a contrasting design. For example, red, orange, pink, yellow, blue, or any other colored grout will emphasize the geometry and emphasize the white tile layering.

Shapes and sizes of tiles for the bathroom

White ceramic tiles can be square, rectangular, or differ in more complex shapes, such as a hexagonal shape that looks like a honeycomb, oval, circular design, or as a diamond and small mosaic elements. Due to unusual shapes, it turns out to create a more complex play of light and achieve various visual effects.

In the photo there is a bathroom with white tiles in the shape of a hexagon on the walls.

Layout options for the bathroom

Quite relevant and classic option is stacking in a staggered manner or arrangement diagonally, with which it turns out to hide and beat some surface irregularities. Also, the plane can be decorated with white tiles in a run, due to the displacement resembling brickwork. A very original look has a layout in the form of a Christmas tree, suggesting docking of tiles at an angle of 90 degrees or a linear variant with discontinuous, parallel, broken or chaotic stripes.

The photo shows a white rectangular tile with a Christmas tree layout in the bathroom.

Bathroom tile design ideas

Popular design ideas.


A brick or white tile hog, which is also called the metro, can have completely different designs, be dull, glossy, aged or coated. Such a lining option always looks very interesting and modern.


A noble aristocratic white tile with fancy brown, gray, pink or bluish streaks, gives the bathroom a sophisticated look and high price.

Under the tree

This imitation very accurately conveys the texture and is distinguished by a rather natural look that can be distinguished from the original only by touch.


It has special edges, beautifully refracting and reflecting the luminous flux, it can have a traditional look or be decorated with fragments of stones, glass or intricate and intricate patterns.


Such a surface, due to the reflective effect, creates interesting illusions in space, adding elegance, freshness and even a certain coldness to it.

Matte finish

To achieve the opposite of a warmer and more comfortable design, white matte, slightly rough tile will do.

The photo shows a bathroom with a shower lined with white hexagonal matte tiles.

With pictures, patterns and ornaments

A variety of detailed drawings, patterns or ornaments, such as a meander, arabesque or patchwork, add to the atmosphere of piquancy and intrigue. A tile with flowers is capable of becoming a truly powerful accent move that looks bright and expressive and gives the bathroom an exotic touch.


It has a volumetric convex texture, often used to highlight certain areas in the room and achieve a high decorative effect. Wall tile waves, looks very unusual and thanks to a streamlined wave-shaped form, smooths the interior space.

How does it look with other materials?

White tile is also perfectly combined with other different finishes, for example, it may just be painting, wallpaper or plastic panels. For those who prefer natural and environmentally friendly materials and a more stylish and presentable interior, the combination of tiles with wood or plaster is especially suitable.

In the photo, white tile with imitation of marble combined with wooden trim in the interior of a modern bathroom.

What styles are suitable white tile?

White cladding is the most popular for decorating Scandinavian interior, minimalist or high-tech design. Also, this finish is no less relevant for the classics, loft, Provence, Chebbi-chic or other retro styles. Such a design and color solution easily changes, complements and transforms the bathroom in any stylistic direction.

In the photo there is a small Scandinavian-style bathroom with walls decorated with white hog tiles.

Photo Gallery

White tile, thanks to such a clean shade and a beautiful combination with various color and texture solutions, becomes an indispensable finishing option and a beautiful, cozy design, both for simple and for more complex designs.

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