Bed in the living room: types, shapes and sizes, design ideas, layout options

If the dimensions of the apartment do not allow to arrange a separate bed for the owners or guests, you can arrange a bed in the living room. Let's consider several options of furniture for a dream which not only will create a cosiness, but also will provide comfortable accommodation in the room. Familiarize yourself with interesting solutions photos of real interiors.

Types of beds in the hall

Modern designers offer both standard and rather unusual beds for the living room.


To save the space of a small room, the design in the form of a podium is perfect. It combines a mattress and a frame with drawers that play the role of a wardrobe: bedding or clothes are put inside.

The photo shows a comfortable roll-out bed-podium with an additional seating area at the top.

Sofa bed

This decision is chosen by the owners of small apartments, for example, Khrushchev. The advantage of a sofa bed is that it folds easily and turns into a full-fledged place to receive guests: all that remains is to choose a comfortable coffee table that you can easily move around the room.

On the photo is a stylish sofa bed unfolded.

Transforming bed

This is the case when you do not have to choose between functionality and fashionable design. The lifting mechanism makes it easy to hide the bed in the built-in niche and save up to 80% of the space. If the interior is designed in the style of minimalism, then the furniture hidden in the daytime is a good solution.

In the photo there is a Scandinavian living room, where the retractable bed only unfolds at night.


Ergonomic two-tier furniture is usually acquired by families with children, but its use in the living room is also justified. At the expense of the second "floor" the number of berths doubles or even triples.


The layout of the living room combined with the nursery has a number of features:

  • you can not put a crib at the entrance - the sounds will penetrate through the door and interfere with sleep;
  • it is better to make a recreation area, not a children's corner - it is preferable to place it by the window;
  • the bed must be separated by a canopy or partition, so that the child has a personal space, especially if we are talking about a teenager.

In the photo, thick curtains separate the children's corner from the rest area.

Loft bed

If the height of the ceiling in the apartment allows, an attic solution would be an extraordinary solution for combining the living room and bedroom. Such an arrangement will please creative people, giving new sensations, and will release precious meters under the bed.

In the photo there is a small bright living room in which two people can retire:
"in the attic" and in a cozy recreation area below.

Chair bed

A multifunctional chair in one motion turns into a single bed, and when assembled it does not steal excess space. Some models have a storage box.


This bed is an ideal find for those who want to hide their bed in a closet equipped with shelves for storage.

In the photo is a folding bed, which when folded, frees passage to the workplace.

In the photo is a white headset that combines many useful functions.

The shape and size of beds in the interior of the room

Today the market offers a wide choice of furniture for sleeping. It differs in shape and size, for example:

  • Round.
  • Large double bed.
  • Mini bed.
  • Semicircular.
  • Rectangular.
  • Square

On the photo sofa bed is round.

What size to choose furniture for sleep depends on the area of ​​the apartment.

How to put a bed in the living room?

Properly divide the room into zones will help glass or plasterboard partitions. There are more simple options - in a small living room you can isolate the space with a rack or closet, or hide the furniture for sleeping behind a screen. If you use a bed in the living room instead of a sofa, it will differ little from a regular bedroom: in this case, visitors need additional armchairs or chairs.

In the photo there is a snow-white living room, where the private zone is separated by a low partition.

You can visually zone a room using different wall finishes. The combined options look curious when the case furniture (or the partition) is placed in the center of the living room and the curtain is hung in addition.

Living room design ideas

The living room can be called the main room in the house. Family members spend a lot of time here, so its design must be thought out especially carefully. The original ideas presented below can also be gathered by studio owners so that they do not have to “sleep in the kitchen”.

Interior with a bed and a sofa

If the living room footage exceeds 20-25 square meters, then fit and bed, and the sofa will not be difficult.

In the photo, the corner sofa is separated from the sleeping area by a white shelf with open shelves. Zoning is also achieved by the wall in a contrasting blue.

Living room with niche

Especially cozy bed looks in the recess. Together with the textile niche turns into a secret room, fenced from prying eyes.

With two beds

Even a family of four can be accommodated in the living room, if it is equipped with a folding sofa and two beds located above each other.


Such a hanging bed in the high-tech style will give the interior a special chic and originality, but it will not hide the privacy zone, but will guarantee attention to it.

Design solutions for beds in various styles

The bed is the central attribute around which the space is formed, and the style is formed. Supporters of minimalism suitable bed, hidden behind the air-compartment doors. Adherents of the loft will appreciate the bed-podium and zoning with the help of plain curtains: light fabric will dilute the brutality of the finish. A wide double bed is best for modern classics.

Boho lovers will love zoning with a forged grille and colorful palette. Furniture with natural elements of decor or from the array will fit into the eco-style.

Photo Gallery

Successfully selected fragments of the decor and competent planning will make the design of the bedroom-living room organic and original.

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