Beige set in the kitchen interior: design, style, combinations (60 photos)

The beige set is a classic and elegant, universal option for different color and style decisions. The interior looks sophisticated or simple, modern or antique, spacious or intimate, cozy, warming or giving coolness - this depends on the design and decor. Even a person far from design will easily create a beautiful and stylish interior using beige.

Features, Pros and Cons

Beige is neutral, that is, it is neither warm nor cold. Depending on the ratio of brown and white, its tone changes. When adding different colors get a huge palette of shades from cold steel beige to warm apricot.

Beige set is always relevant, it is suitable for modest conservatively furnished kitchens, and for bright modern interiors. Depending on the shade of beige, you can choose the design in any colors, create any mood and degree of fullness of the room.

In the photo is a small kitchen, decorated in a modern style.

There are drawbacks: due to the popularity of beige headsets, some people think that such a design is boring, depressing, and besides, in the wrong environment, the kitchen will look depressed. Another drawback: the color of this brand and requires frequent and thorough cleaning.

Tip: do not be afraid of bright accents and unusual color combinations, experiment with shades of the headset. For cool rooms facing north, use warm shades of beige, and rooms southern and brightly lit are best cooled with bluish and gray tones.

Style selection

Kitchen interiors look luxurious in a classic, art deco and colonial style. Here the beige set is organic and appropriate.

Classic style

It looks respectable and costs accordingly. Choose a set and decor from natural materials, expensive accessories. But one should not declare prosperity in this way - the classic implies good manners and restraint, screaming luxury will be out of place.

Suitable space for such a choice - a spacious kitchen with ceilings from three meters. A small kitchen can claim such a design only if the headset is light beige, and the walls, apron, curtains, and decor are white or different from the headset by two or three tones.

In the photo is a luxurious L-shaped kitchen in a classic style.

Colonial style

Colonial style appeared in the 16th century in the era of colonization. Characterized by the use of wooden beams, ethnic items for the decoration, massive sustainable furniture. In this interior fit dark beige set, similar in color to the natural wood.

Important: try not to litter the kitchen with as many decorative elements as possible and do not mix items from different countries, such as African masks and Indian ornaments, otherwise you will get eclectic instead of colonial style.

The photo is a spacious island kitchen in beige tones.

Art Deco

For lovers of luxurious and bright, wanting to surround themselves with an atmosphere of wealth, Art Deco style is suitable. In this embodiment, you can use a light beige and dark beige headset in combination with bright colors of finish. Geometrical patterns, graphic character, practicality and at the same time the use of expensive materials in the design are characteristic of the interior of the art deco.

In the photo is an art deco kitchen: deliberate luxury striking the eye.

If anyone considers a beige set as a choice for people without imagination, then he simply did not see design solutions in high-tech or modern styles.

High tech

High-tech involves strict minimalism, the play of textures and a sense of sterility, along with high adaptability, the main decoration - point illumination of the working surfaces of the headset.

Modern (modern)

Modern is also a minimalist. Its distinctive features are glossy surfaces, geometric shapes, neutral colors (beige, gray), asymmetry and a minimum of textiles in the decor.

In the photo: the beige set is dissolved in a light beige environment, creating a feeling of large space.

Who does not like the feeling of warmth and kitchen comfort in the evening after a busy day? I want to relax and chat with my family over a cup of fragrant tea. To create the appropriate mood, Provence, Country, Loft and Ethno styles are the best fit.


The light beige colors of the headset, wallpapers with small floral patterns, calico curtains, a lot of textiles and plants in beautiful pots will create a charming southern flavor. Hospitality, lightness and bright lighting of such a kitchen beckon and enchant.

Country music

The design in the spirit of the Wild West also gives a feeling of homely warmth. A set of natural wood, ease of decoration, the predominance of beige, durability and functionality, a lot of man-made objects for decoration - these are the distinctive features of country.

In the photo: pastoral-style jewelery and massive wooden furniture create an image of farm life.


If this design option is chosen, then in the kitchen they create the feeling of a converted non-residential space. Brick walls, untreated or painted in beige, island furniture, pipes, large windows without curtains, open space and the absence of partitions are the main features of the loft. Despite the abundance of space in such a room is comfortable, it is an unusual comfort, underground.


Ethno style kitchen is another non-beat way to design. This is a bright color and atmosphere of mysterious faraway countries. There are a lot of ethno options:

  • Japanese
  • Moroccan
  • Indian
  • African
  • tropical
  • British
  • French
  • Scandinavian

Beige set will be appropriate for each of them.

Shape selection

Most women spend a lot of time in the kitchen - a small female kingdom. It is important to organize the space properly so that cooking only gives pleasure, and cleaning and storage are comfortable, easy and does not take up too much time.

Kitchen sets can have various forms:

  • linear
  • u-shaped
  • corner
  • insular

Which one to choose? Manufacturers of modular kitchen furniture offer many options, so it is easy to choose the right one for placing any shape and size.


For narrow kitchens it is better to choose the linear shape of the headset.


For division of space and creation of a working triangle use angular set.

In the photo: chess floor makes the interior stylish.


In a square room of about 20 square meters will fit an U-shaped set.


If the dimensions of the room are more than 20 square meters, then the island form will become the perfect solution - comfortable and functional, but this option is not modular, it is made to order.

In the photo: island cuisine is a space for culinary creativity.

Headset Manufacturing Materials

Kitchen sets are made from:

  • wood
  • multiplex
  • MDF
  • Chipboard

A wooden kitchen set always looks rich, but it also costs accordingly. Modular kitchens from a natural tree do not make.

Multiplex is an eco-friendly and not so expensive substitute for natural wood. It consists of thin veneer, the sheets of which are piled up and glued in different directions. Multiplex easily withstand moisture, steam and temperature extremes.

MDF - economy class material. Represents the smallest wood shavings impregnated with resins and pressed under high pressure. It turns out durable and sustainable material, kitchen set of which will last at least ten years.

Chipboard - the cheapest and most short-lived. It is made of compressed wood chips mixed with a binder solution. The set of chipboard will not cost a lot of money, but after five years it will have to be replaced

MDF and chipboard are veneered with PVC film and acrylic, or coated with enamel. The first one has a limited selection of colors and is easily damaged, the second one is stronger, but also costs more. Enamel is a solution for high-tech, pop-art and modern style: a rich palette, any degree of gloss, the ability to create effects of pearl shine or metallic.

Matte or glossy headset

Ordering a matte or glossy facade of the headset should be based on the desired design and operating conditions.

Glossy - marquee and requires frequent maintenance, but at least on the matt not so noticeable fingerprints and dirt, it is more difficult to clean. The glossy facade has another advantage: it visually expands the space due to the reflection of light. But in classical, colonial or ethnic style, in the style of Provence or American country, the gloss will be inappropriate.

In the photo: a modern-style kitchen, a glossy set to visually expand the space.

In the photo: a matte set in a classic style.

How to choose a tabletop and apron

A win-win appetizing option - chocolate and coffee shades that complement the light beige set and create a harmonious ensemble.

Tip: beige blends with many colors. Choose a tone and feel free to experiment with lilac, red, green, and shades of blue and blue - in general a very stylish and successful solution.

It is also necessary to take into account the illumination, for example, you should not use cold colors (gray, blue, violet) in a dark kitchen, and in a small one it is better to use shades of white and light beige.

Advice: if you add a beige set to a tabletop similar in color, this will make the kitchen airy and light.

Finishing (walls, floor, ceiling)

The main principle in the design - the transition from dark to light from the bottom up. In addition to aesthetics, it is important for psychological comfort and a sense of "sustainability."


A successful solution would be a floor imitating wood or stone, since natural materials are in harmony with the beige set.

In the photo: wood and stone perfectly complement the beige set.


Wall decoration depends on the style and mood of the kitchen. White - a feeling of freshness and purity.

If the design assumes brightness and originality, glue purple or lilac wallpaper.

A stylish pair of turquoise and beige, but this combination is not for beginners, if you use it incorrectly, you get bad taste.

Green trim in combination with a beige headset will make the room warm, gentle and at the same time elegant.

In the photo: pastel green in combination with beige soothes and relaxes.


Beige - Brown

The most classic combination of all. Impossible to spoil, the only minus can be some monotony, which is easily avoided by using the chess design of the headset or contrast accents.

Tip: If the whole kitchen is in brown and beige tones, dilute it with curtains of a different color or with a contrast apron. It makes sense to choose the curtains of that color, the shade of which is present in beige, for example, blue, gray or lilac curtains are suitable for cool beige tones, and terracotta, peach, green for warm ones. Another move is to hang curtains in color accents.

Beige - White

Clean and airy. Choose interesting textures, embossed wallpapers, warm beige tones for the headset and different white tones to avoid the feeling of a medical office. It is possible to warm such an interior with the help of a golden decor.

Beige - Gray

The combination of neutral tones. Color accessories and the use of textures will help to give expressiveness, or dilute them with white, black, brown. It is dangerous to use only these two colors in the design, as the interior will become faceless and bland.

In the photo: a pair of beige-gray is complemented by a large amount of white.

Beige - Blue

The successful solution for Provence and Country styles. Remember, blue makes the room cool, so it’s best to use it in sunny kitchens that face south.

Beige - Green

The warmest and most soothing combination. It is necessary to add yellow and summer and sunshine will reign in the kitchen all year round.

The photo is a cozy island kitchen in a classic style.

Beige - Crimson

Juicy, tasty combination. Creates an atmosphere of glamor and chic. Light beige, almost white, headsets and rich crimson for decoration will create an association with raspberries covered in whipped cream.

Photo gallery

If you want to choose a headset that fits easily into any interior, will be combined with bright colors and in harmony with the calm ones, then beige headsets have such qualities. Below are photos of examples of the kitchen with a beige-colored set.

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