Provence style bedroom interior design

To create Provence style bedroom designit is not necessary to be a designer or decorator. You can independently bring to your house the warmth of a sunny beach and a gentle sea breeze, the tender aroma of a blooming meadow and the coziness of a village house. Just know the seven secrets bedroom interior in Provence style.

Style combines simplicity and elegance, antiquity and modernity. Along with the latest technology and modern solutions, old or even antique pieces of furniture are used to create the style, which are mandatory when creating style. Provence in the interior of the bedroom. It is also possible aging of fairly new items of furniture. Every item, every detail is important. Particular attention should be paid to the harmony and combinations.

Provence in the interior of the bedroom starts with color. All shades are muted, bleached, as if burned out in the hot sun of southern France. Of the variety of shades of white - creamy and milky, the predominance of natural colors is heavenly blue, clay ocher, sunny yellow, delicate lavender.

In the design bedroom design in the style of Provence textile elements play a big role. Fabrics are allowed only natural, from heavy - flax, from light - muslin, batis.

The most popular drawings are stripes, flower bouquets, and ornaments. Warm shades of Provencal colors are better suited for the bedroom; they more accurately convey the atmosphere of the southern Mediterranean.

Forged furniture is the best fit for this style. Beds, shelves, shelves for books, hand-forged lamps will bring home charm and the atmosphere of antiquity into the house.

Wooden pieces of furniture can be painted in light colors, and their individual parts are painted with flowers or floral ornaments. The most chic - slightly “worn”, aged furniture.

Style Provence in the interior of the bedroom begins with wall decoration. It does not have to be wallpaper. Plaster, rough, stone or brickwork, wooden beams under the ceiling extending from the walls are characteristic features of the style.

A simpler and cheaper option is wallpaper-imitation, or wallpaper with a floral print, for example, small bunches on a light background.

AT bedroom design in the style of Provence especially important to pay attention to lighting. Mandatory element - a chandelier. It can be forged, or repeat the shape of an old candle chandelier, in which each “candle” is covered with a small fabric shade. Wall lamps and table lamps in the same style are welcome.

Provence style bedroom interior inconceivable without trifles, which, in fact, “make” style. Vintage embroidery, family photographs in carved frames, porcelain figurines of roosters, forged cornices and candlesticks, decorative pillows and furniture covers in white and blue stripes - all this enlivens the interior and gives it the same comfort that is so appreciated by Mediterranean style lovers.

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