Bedroom interior design in pink

Bedroom in pink colors has many shades, this color is perfectly combined with other tones. By playing colors and shades based on pink, you can create completely different, not only delicate and romantic interiors.

The interior of the pink bedroom can be relaxing, giving a joyful, light mood. This is the color of peace, comfort, security, carelessness. Too much pink, perhaps, will be too “sweet”, but it is worth adding other colors - and the situation will change radically.

If in the design of a pink bedroom this color is the main color, it should not be bright, and be diluted with colder shades.

If you use it as an additional, then its saturation should be high. Bright pink can be an accent color in the design of the room.

The design of a pink bedroom can be made in any style. Pink perfectly combines with white, gray, blue, green and its shades (olive, green, emerald). Use these colors to create decorative accents in the interior. Purple and lilac will help bring a touch of romanticism to the bedroom.

Pink and white

This combination is classic and one of the most attractive. Cleanliness, spaciousness, tenderness - that is what this combination symbolizes. It allows you to visually expand even the smallest room, give it a volume and “airiness”.

Bedroom in pink colors with the addition of white color can be very different, depending on whether you choose pink for the walls or for details of decoration. Pink wallpapers will look great with white furniture, in this case the doors, baseboards and windows should also be white. Floor coverings can be either white or beige.

Pink and gray

Another classic combination, less bright than the previous one, but much more stylish. The design of the pink bedroom with the addition of ash-gray shades looks especially impressive. The combination of gray-pink also favorably affects the nervous system, contributing to relaxation and good mood.

Pink and Olive

The interior of the pink bedroom is successfully complemented by light shades of olive color. They can be used in equal proportions, you can choose one of them as the main one. This bedroom will breathe peace and tune to rest.
Bedroom in pink tones with the addition of olive shades gives a feeling of freshness, closeness to nature.

Pink and blue

This combination should be used with the attraction of white as a neutral tone. Blue color has a positive effect on the nervous system, calming it. In addition, it gives a feeling of spaciousness, especially - its “heavenly” shades.

The interior of the pink bedroom can be made using white as the main one, and blue and pink itself - as accent colors. If the main color is pink, details of intense pink and sky-blue hues will look interesting.

Pink and purple

This combination is suitable for those whose windows face south or south-east. Violet will help to soften the bright sunshine. The combination of these colors is considered refined and suitable for many styles, but in the selection of shades should be very careful.

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