Concrete in the interior of a creative apartment of 47 square meters. m

Even the most standard and dreary living spaces can be turned into unusual, creative apartments without special material and physical costs, if competently set to work.

New building in 47 sq. M. The house, which went to a young married couple with a small child, was no different from thousands of others: concrete walls, cement screed on the floor, electricity at the entrance to the apartment - this exhausted the builders' concern for the well-being of future residents. However, it turned out that concrete in the interior may be an unusual and very interesting finishing material.

Designers of a studio specializing in finishing small apartments took into account the wishes of customers: to spend as little money as possible, perhaps even to the detriment of convenience or aesthetics - after all, the family should not live in one-room business. Is it worth in this case to invest in the creation creative apartment?

That's why customers and suggested not to spend money on plastering the walls, their further putty, preparing for painting or buying wallpaper. As you know, just plaster eats up the lion's share of the budget allocated for repairs.

Designers realized that fate gives them a unique chance to try whether concrete in the interior to turn in from auxiliary material that is always hiding under the exterior trim to the basis for housing design?

The idea of ​​not hiding what is usually hidden was further developed: electrical wiring was laid directly on top of the concrete, saving on slotting the concrete under the hidden wiring. It reached its apotheosis in the bathroom, where even the sewers did not hide, having covered the riser with a glass door. Behind the same door sheltered washing machine.

Usually creative apartments require for their decoration significant funds, but in this case, managed to do without special costs. An exclusive table in the kitchen literally came from the street: the underframe was taken from a glass table with a broken tabletop, and the tabletop itself was made of wooden shields found on the street. They were joined, cut a circle, polished sections and covered the tree with special oil.

Snow-white kitchen - a budget option from IKEA.

The gray color is rather monotonous, so the creators of the creative apartment decided to paint the interior partitions with white paint. Amazing bright accents enlivened the space: a floor lamp-skate and a chair on which it is uncomfortable to sit, but which looks very fresh and original.

The only expensive coating in the apartment is a polymer on the floor, imitating wood, and having a certain elasticity, which prevents fragile objects falling on it from breaking.

Result: concrete in the interior can look no worse than expensive finishing materials, if you approach the matter creatively.

Watch the video: Industrial Small Apartment Interior Design (November 2019).


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