Modern and functional design studio apartment 25 square. m

Design studio apartment 25 square. m designed by the authors of the studio "DesignRush", who were able to turn a small area of ​​the usual small-sized in an incredibly functional and comfortable space. It is ideal for the hostess of housing - a young creative woman, whose wish was to have a workplace in the future interior.

In order to visually enlarge the room, we chose a light color scheme, and the combination of a milky hue with the texture of the wood helped to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. The result is a stylish modern interior studio apartment - with a rational arrangement of furniture and a large number of places for storing various things.

Living area

The design project shows how you can perform zoning in a studio apartment. To do this, use different levels of the ceiling and flooring "under the tree", which separates the living area from the rest of the space.

One of the apartment walls is filled with built-in wardrobes, and in the relaxation area there is a niche for a sofa with the function of a berth. Opposite the sofa there is a working place with a long table and a shelving for books and business folders. A white glossy table top, which stands out on a wood background, decorates the composition and the television panel forms the visual center of the living room.

Design studio apartment 25 square. It attracts with an interesting lighting solution: in the center - a suspended luminaire-ring, along the edges - rulers of overhead lamps, above the sofa - an additional light source on rigid fixing elements.

Kitchen area

The cooking area is separated from the living room by a U-shaped table resembling a bar counter, a patterned floor and a suspended ceiling. Here is a compact corner set in a minimalist style with integrated technology. The design of the working area with the texture of the wood supports the overall style of the studio apartment, and for the decoration tableware items made of wood are used.

The attention is attracted by long cylindrical lamps of black color above the dining table and high ergonomic chairs of elegant shape. A rack was placed on the table - a convenient place for various accessories and decor.


Reflective glass and mirror surfaces in the small room create the illusion of large space. As in the rest of the studio apartment, the bathroom contains elements with the texture of wood, which gives the interior a distinct personality.

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