Design project studio of 30 square meters. from Christina Rogacheva

Project studio 30 square meters. The apartment was designed by Christina Rogacheva for an energetic girl, so the interior of this small apartment has bright accents that make it look modern and stylish. The texture of the tree helped to fill the interior with home comfort, and red accents gave spectacular sharpness and freshness.

Studio layout of 30 square meters. m

A minor change in the layout of the studio was that the room was combined with a balcony, which made it possible to increase the living space.

Kitchen and dining area

The kitchen area is highlighted by a light floor with a dim pattern. There is a compact kitchen set U-shaped layout, part of which is the bar with the function of the dining table. The kitchen in a small apartment looks very impressive due to the combination of fragments of red and black with the texture of wood and white surfaces.

Living area

The furniture includes a sofa of a pleasant light gray color, which is transformed into a sleeping place. On the contrary, there is a cabinet with an interesting combination of black glossy surfaces and wood structure, as well as a television panel. Conveniently position the accessories for tea drinking allows a table of interesting curved shape next to the sofa.

Contrast glossy black details give an individual touch to the interior of a studio apartment. Complement its open shelf for books with decorating details and a large photo in a frame.

Interestingly, for the zoning in the studio, they used different colors for the walls. A notable detail of the interior is a suspended ceiling with wood trim along the entire length of the room, and the backlight hidden behind the eaves creates a feeling of depth and lightness.

A floor-to-ceiling window provides sufficient natural light, and when it gets dark, you can use a combination of built-in ceiling lights and two spots in the center of the ceiling. The addition of space at the expense of the balcony is illuminated by separate overhead lights and attracts attention with elegant forms of red furniture.

Entrance hall

Despite the small area of ​​the hallway, it contains a cabinet and wardrobes around the perimeter of the entrance to the toilet. The entrance area in the design studio of 30 square meters. it is allocated the same flooring as in the kitchen and can be isolated from the living room with a door with a mirror.


The decoration of the room with increased functionality is much more red in color than in the living room and kitchen. Someone think it is defiant, but not for the owner of this charming studio apartment.

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