Interior of a 3-room apartment from KYD BURO studio

Interior 3-room apartment developed in the studio KYD BURO. The design is designed in bright, soothing colors and is intended for a young family. It turned out transparent, filled with light space, quite neutral, and at the same time having its own character.

Location of the apartment

The location of the house was decisive in choosing the color solution and the mood of the apartment interior. This is the Primorsky District of St. Petersburg, a large, picturesque park is very close by.

The residential building in which the apartment is located was built by the NCC company, and it has already been twice recognized as the best at the Green Awards eco-development competition. The house is certified by BREEAM, and is built in compliance with the strictest housing safety standards, according to standards adopted in Sweden. The architectural solution of the residential complex is sustained in the Scandinavian traditions, and the designers decided that stylistically the interior of a 3-room apartment would support this direction.

Layout of a 3-room apartment

Between the entrance area and the living room of the kitchen-living room, the designers designed the partition of the slats. The console is built into the partition, which opens on two sides: the entrance part has received an open shelf-niche for storage. From the living room, retractable drawers are built into the console.

A separate place for a washing machine was allocated in the hallway, a shelf for shoes was installed in the next niche, which also serves as a bench, and a bar for clothes was hung.

Door openings brought in height to the ceiling, and the doors themselves were made white, framing them with an oak box. A backlight directed at the door accentuates them and gives the interior a 3-room apartment a rhythm.

Color solution

The interior of the apartment has three primary colors: background - white, additional - light wood, accent - light turquoise. In addition, in some rooms red-brick tone is used as bright decorative strokes. Turquoise is used in the upholstery of the living room sofa, kitchen apron, wall panels at the beds in the nursery, as well as in the Scandinavian-style mosaic decorating the bathroom.


To withstand a given style of interior of a 3-room apartment, furniture and lighting were selected from the best manufacturers and designers of Scandinavia. This is Carl Hansen, BoConcept, Northern Lighting. Some items were purchased at IKEA, which reduced costs without reducing the style requirements.

Decoration Materials

The walls of the apartment are mostly painted with paint, and in some places lined with cement tiles, covered with patterns. The same patterns are used in textiles, being a common interior element for various rooms in an apartment.

The walls in the kitchen are covered with wear resistant microcement. The floor is covered with an engineering board, its top is made of oak. The areas of high abrasion, hallway and kitchen, have a floor of granite "under the concrete." The bathroom is made of 100x100 mm tiles, the “wet” zones are accented with a white-turquoise mosaic of 20x20 mm.

Master bathroom designers divided into two parts. The "wet" zone is unusually made: the passage to the bath is through a shower, the floor of which, like the bath "apron", is made of teak slats. The “dry” zone includes a toilet bowl and a large concrete worktop with two sinks embedded in it. Hidden communications - pass behind the furniture facades.


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