The interior of the house in the style of minimalism

In one of the villages near Moscow, among the birches and limes, this country house is located. The interior of the house in the style of minimalism is made both outside and inside.

The first impression is rather gloomy, the structure is built entirely of glass and gray concrete, there is nothing “alive” in its appearance, but such is minimalist interior designon the one hand, the absence of unnecessary details and simple lines are rather cold to overcrowd, but on the other, it makes you feel free and relax from information overload.

The environment of many trees, perhaps somewhat softens the overall gloomy look of the building, and when viewed home interior in minimalism style from the inside, the impression is drastically changing.

The total living area is 560 square meters. The project was developed by the design bureau Za Bor. The bureau developed not only internal minimalist interior designbut also the construction project itself.

Under the basement footage, only 300 square meters were allotted, thanks to the complex branch structure of a two-story house, the total amount of space was increased by almost two. The house is divided into two wings and a front part, each zone has its own entrance groups.

AT the interior of the house in the style of minimalism according to the approach of dividing the space, the developers adhered to the classic canons, the first floor - common premises, the second floor - a private zone.

The basement floor for all outbuildings was specially recessed to a level of one and two meters.

Interior design in the style of minimalism the house is made in traditional white colors, natural wood finishing materials for flooring and walls. A lot of used glass and natural stone.

All furniture was specially created for the device space. According to the color scheme, white color - prevails in the living area and in the space of the entire first floor, the tree, as the warmer and more peaceful in the world, mainly occupies a personal area.

A separate design part takes lighting. Elements of eaves LED lighting, built-in ceiling and wall light were used in all rooms. Due to the soft glow coming from the built-in lamps, the space is visually perceived more calm and soft.

The white color perfectly reflects the rays of illumination and serves as an excellent background for the play of shadows, this technique is perfectly visible in the dining room lighting scenario. Thanks to the color switching, the room can take on any appearance.

Working drawings.

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