How to store shoes: ideas, photos

Everyone decides for himself how to store shoes, and in most cases when changing the season, some boxes fall from the mezzanine, while others are sent to them. To get it, to wipe it from dust, to find the right pair - it all takes time and effort.

It is much better to immediately organize the storage of shoes, shoes, sandals in such a way that they are always at hand and do not require constant attention. Designers pay a lot of attention to storage issues, and they can spy many interesting ideas for storing shoes.

  • Cupboard

The mezzanine is far and high. It is better to buy or make to order a special shoe cabinet - it takes a bit of space, but all the shoes are on hand, and you don’t have to waste time looking for a suitable pair.

  • Shelves

Sometimes the place for the cabinet may not be - how to store shoes in this case? Try to hang narrow shelves at a short distance from the floor, and place shoes on them.

  • Baskets or containers

Baskets, or containers, can be stored in special racks, hidden in the storage system or put in plain sight, but in this case it is better that they are closed. Transparent boxes will give the opportunity to see what's inside, colored - sort the content according to seasons, or according to the family members. Wicker baskets can be an interior decoration.

  • Rack

On sale you can find a special compact rack for shoes - the place occupied by it is very small, and a lot of pairs fit in it.

  • Poof

The traditional solution is an ottoman, on which you can change your shoes. Opening the lid, you can remove unnecessary while shoes in it.

  • Organizer

Where there is little space for stationary furniture, it is customary to use organizers. They are suitable for storing shoes, if placed on a wall in the entrance area.

You can hang a similar organizer on the inner surface of the cabinet door. It is especially convenient to store slippers and shoes without heels.

  • Hanger

Special inconvenience delivered during storage boots. It is not recommended to fold them, the box with boots “full-length” is taking up a lot of space. One of the solutions to the problem is to attach the boots to a hanger.

  • Pantry

If there is a small storage room in the entrance area or even just a niche, then one of the best ideas for storing shoes is to make a “shoe room” out of it. The niche can be closed with sliding doors, or just hang curtains. Inside it is necessary to equip the rack.

  • Stairs

Another answer to the question “how to store shoes” can be a folding step-ladder. Made of wood, it is especially suitable for interiors in the style of Provence, country, shebbi-chic, and metal decorate a loft or techno-style.

  • Dirty Shoe Tray

In the "dirty" seasons, shoes from the street can also be removed - it will not only not interfere on the aisle, but will also stop dirtying the floors. Among the ideas for storing shoes, this is one of the most original.

Take a small container, for example, a box cover, put pebbles inside, and the stand for shoes is ready. In the slush you immediately appreciate the convenience of such a storage system!

  • Crates

Simple boxes from the grocery store can be a great container of your shoe collection. It is enough to paint them and hang them in the right places.

  • Cornices

If there is very little space in the corridor, and it’s unclear how to store shoes, try to fix curtain rods on the wall. They practically do not “eat” the space, and at the same time firmly hold your footwear on the wall. It can even become a decorative element in the design of the entrance area!

  • Photo for memory

If you keep shoes in boxes, there is a way to shorten the time you are looking for the right pair: just take photos of your shoes, print them on the printer and stick them to the front of the box.

  • Decor

If you are the owner of exclusive shoes, to look at which is a pleasure, make an exposition of it. It will decorate your interior and will give it a peculiar "zest".

  • Buffet

Is there a cupboard in your house that you don’t need or a bookcase? Turn it into a shoe locker. This will benefit both the shoes and the interior. The unexpected use of pieces of furniture shows the originality of the thinking of its owners.

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