The use of wood in the interior: photo, 77 applications

The use of wood in the interior transforms the appearance of the room, brings people closer to nature due to the ecological decor, furniture, ceiling and wall decoration.

Natural wood has several advantages:

  • heat insulation;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • practicality;
  • combination with all colors, textures and other finishing materials.

Wood in the interior is perfectly combined with stone, brick, leather, plaster. Permissible mirrors and undesirable metal inserts.


The expensive tree on the wall in the interior is not afraid of moisture and looks luxurious, in addition, an array of rocks always fills the room with a pleasant aroma. Wood panels are treated with varnish, wax and oil stains for longer life.

More economical finish option using lining and laminate. Panels can cover all or one wall, be used as decorative inserts in window sills, TV, bed.

In the photo there is a living room in natural shades with wooden flooring, which smoothly goes into the wall decoration. The white color makes the interior brighter, and the wood texture adds coziness.

Horizontal placement of boards on the wall (as in the photo) will make the room wider, and the vertical - above.


Wood flooring is a proven coating for centuries, it can be solid, parquet, cork or laminate.

In the photo in the bedroom diagonal laying of the laminate will help to expand the space.

Tree color: red, white, gray

The tree can be not only brown and beige, but also other colors. Board, parquet and laminate flooring are presented in different shades, which you can use to create a certain style in a residential and office space.

  • Mahogany in the interior is suitable for creating a luxurious empire style in the living room. Furniture can be with patterns and bends, and textured walls and carpet floor will create an atmosphere of comfort and wealth. It is combined with brick color (shades a tree, but does not stand out against its background), and also with pistachio in a small amount.

  • White wood in the interior creates space and a sense of purity. Most often found in modern style and minimalism. The white floor emphasizes the brightness of the walls, the wooden ceiling makes the room longer, the white furniture is suitable for the bedroom, the dining room, less often the living room and the kitchen.

  • Gray wood in the interior calms, causes a feeling of coolness. Gray laminate is well suited for the floor in the bedroom, living room. Such a floor, depending on the pattern, resembles an aged tree and is appropriate for retro and country music. Suitable for rooms with two contrasting colors. Wenge furniture and other cool colors blend well with gray finishes in modern interiors.

Combination with stone and brick

The combination with different materials in the interior: glass, stone, plastic, gives a different end result, but invariably the fact that the tree is a universal and popular finish.

  • Stone and wood in the interior as two natural materials complement each other. Warm and soft wood with strong stone are indispensable for creating eco-style, Provence and country. A mosaic of pebbles and a wooden floor, fragments of decorative stone, parquet and beams are perfectly combined and suitable for any interior.

In the photo, a wooden wall and a fireplace made of wild stone remind of the origins and fill the room with comfort.

  • Brick and wood in the interior or imitation of brickwork is suitable for the corridor, living room, stairs. Brick can be bleached, aged, monotonous and variegated, such variations create a different image of the room. The use of wood in the interior with a brick is necessary to create an unusual design of a country house: wooden frames and doors, stairs, partitions and a floor of red rocks in combination with old chests.

Wood in the interior of the kitchen

In the interior of the kitchen is appropriate in the form of furniture, accent wall in the dining area.

  • As a flooring is better to choose tile or linoleum.
  • Wooden dishes will create comfort and will be suitable for Provence, Country, Rustic style.
  • Light ergonomic furniture, glossy surfaces and mirror inserts are suitable for a small room.
  • Beamed ceiling is suitable for creating a rustic style.
  • Deep dark shades are appropriate in the kitchen with a large window and a wide space.

The furniture of neutral natural colors is combined with the bright colors of the table top, refrigerator, etc. For example, the combination of wood and green color looks natural and appropriate in a kitchen of any size.

In the photo, the kitchen is enlarged by combining with a balcony and proper selection of flowers. The wooden table and light laminate go well with white furniture. Eco wall of boards and grass is the object of attention for all guests.

Living room decoration

The tree in the interior of the living room always looks very impressive and appropriate in almost any design. If this is a Scandinavian style, then the use of light wood emphasizes a connection with nature; wooden furniture in pastel shades is suitable for Provence. Small and simple wood details are minimalist and hi-tech.

In the photo, an unusual shelf imitating a branch creates a modern living room style in neutral natural shades.

The photo shows the interior of the living room in a classic style. Wooden panels with carving and parquet with a small carpet are suitable for decoration.

Stumps and large cuts in the living room interior can play the role of a coffee table and become the main subject of attention of the guests. You can make an accent wall by the TV from cuts and pebbles, a cornice, a lamp and other accessories can be made from treated sticks and twigs.

On the photo wall of cuts in the living room. Natural wood helps to relax, besides it smells good and preserves the aroma of essential oils for a long time.

Use of wood in the bedroom

For the bedroom, it is better to choose light breeds and cover with matte varnish in order to emphasize the naturalness of the tree.

You can choose the paint and emphasize the texture, or put it in 3 layers and cover the natural color. It is better to give preference to natural shades of beige, pistachio, mustard, wood. But if the wood type is dark, then you do not need to paint it in light colors.

A tree can be sheathed all or only one wall, floor and ceiling. How much wood there can be within a bedroom depends on the size of the room and the requirements of its style.

In the photo, a simple mattress on pallets and a saw headboard looks unusual in a modern apartment. Such simplicity is combined with environmental friendliness and style at the same time.

Central lighting is acceptable, but it is better to make diffused due to several light sources. Cloth, linen, coarse calico and knitted blankets are perfectly combined with wood in the interior of the house.

The combination of eco style and high-tech generates an attractive eclecticism. In the photo, birch trunks serve as a spectacular accent. It is important to remember that natural wood should be treated with oils and varnish to prevent mold.

Tree in the nursery

This material in the interior of the nursery is most appropriate in terms of environmental friendliness. It is advisable to use wood for decoration and decor. If the walls do not have to be wooden, then the floor and furniture just need to choose from wood materials.

A light laminate floor will decorate a homemade hand-drawn carpet; for the development of a child’s mobility, you can hang a hammock and a rope ladder. For an unusual image, you can use branches in the interior to create small compositions, an organizer of jewelry, photos and notes, they can also beat wall shelves.

In the photo, the light wood in the nursery's interior goes well with light Roman curtains, its color is easy to change with paint, or freshen with lacquer.

Light colors, delicate textiles, bright toys and a dark floor are suitable for decorating a child’s room for both girls and boys.

Bathroom decoration

The tree in the interior of the bathroom creates a feeling of a sauna or a Russian bath. Wooden walls and stone floors, or vice versa, create a unique design. To finish the bathroom you need to choose moisture-resistant rocks (Brazil nuts or bamboo, as in the photo below).

The photo has a bathroom with massive doors and hanging chains. As a material for such a table, a long-cut tree will be suitable.

For the bathroom in the apartment, you can use tile wood, wooden accessories and inserts.

Photo gallery

Below are photo examples of the use of wood in the decoration of rooms for various functional purposes.

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