Design ideas pink curtains in the interior

Pink curtains can be an excellent design solution for the interior of any room. They create an indoor atmosphere of tenderness, calm and comfort.

Selection features

  • Do not be worth decorating the windows with pink curtains in small rooms, since even pink bedding is not able to visually expand the room.
  • In a well-lit and warm room, it is better to use cold shades of pink, this will greatly refresh the interior.
  • Too bright pink curtains can look very sharp and tired eyes.
  • Warm shades of pink "warm" the room, making it lighter and more voluminous.

Types of curtains

Pink, like any other curtains, have their own varieties, which also perfectly fit into the interior.


Curtains, consisting of long threads. They will help bring comfort and simply decorate the interior. This view is great for zoning space and looks spectacular and stylish.


This is a kind of lifting curtains. A simple mechanism helps to gather fabric in wide folds. Their elegance makes it easy to fit into any kind of interior.


Rolshtora now found in almost every home. Despite their simplicity, they are a stylish and convenient solution for any interior from classic to modern.


Transparent, light and thin fabric. Classic for draping window openings. Tulle makes any interior light and airy.


Easy to use and maintain. Thanks to its practicality and rich color palette, blinds will add their aesthetics to any interior.

  • Horizontal blinds. Despite their simplicity, they are very often used to decorate windows.
  • Vertical blinds. Control the lighting of the room. They are made from a variety of different materials, have a different texture and color.

Fabric horizontal and vertical blinds go well with curtains.

Photo curtains

Turn a window into a picture. The photo curtain is made from different types of fabrics, and the drawing is applied using photo printing. The advantage of these curtains is that they can be absolutely exclusive decoration in your home.

Double curtains

Overlay two tissues on each other. They will perfectly fit into the decor of the room, expand the space and fill the monotonous interior with its originality.

Sizes of curtains

When choosing the length of the curtains, the main thing is not to spoil the general appearance of the room and take into account all factors.


These curtains are not suitable for small rooms with low ceilings. The ideal solution for the kitchen, bedroom and office.


A classic that will never lose its popularity. Long monophonic curtains always look very elegant and increase the height of the ceiling, and with the right choice of material and ornament they also expand the space.

In the photo room for the girl in soft colors with bright pink curtains.

Curtain material

When choosing materials, you need to know exactly which types you like: natural, artificial or mixed.

Fabrics for curtains

Portiere gives completeness to the decoration of the window and in general. When sewing curtains are used various fabrics from dense to thin.


Dense and opaque fabric that does not let the sun's rays and darkens the room by 90-100%.


Flax is a natural material that does not cause allergies, passes air well, causes associations with nature, brings a touch of freshness and home comfort to the interior.


Luxurious material that is more suitable for a hall or a living room in the neoclassical style. Heavy fabric does not transmit light, but at the same time soft and pleasant.


The atlas is a fabric from natural silk threads with a shiny front surface. Satin drapes attract the eye with "flowing" folds and play of colors, ideal for the bedroom.


This is a versatile fabric with a special interweaving of threads. Jacquard curtains can be used in any room - in the bedroom, living room and kitchen.

The material is soft, pleasant and does not collect dust.


Durable, coarse, natural fabric with a checkerboard thread. It can be both monophonic and with a print. Portieres from matting will decorate any interior.


Thick and smooth fabric with glitter. Despite the rigid structure forms beautiful folds.

Fabrics for tulle

Lightness and airiness, these are the main elements of fabric for tulle, which can be the final element of any interior.


Translucent fabric, sometimes decorated with embroidery or guipure inserts. Most often the veil is suitable for interior decoration in the bedroom, hall and living room.


Lightweight, thin and transparent fabric. Differs in high quality and quite high price. Organza tulle will add accent to any of your rooms.

Pictured is a bathroom with pink organza curtains on the windows.


Tulle from threads will facilitate and add space to the room.

Types of attachment to the rail

When choosing fasteners, you need to take into account not only the style of the room, but also pay attention to the density of the material and the type of the cornice.


Rings, which are an excellent design solution. With these simple fixtures, you can evenly distribute the material and create beautiful waves and creases.


Velcro curtains are very concise and simple. These types of fasteners have long been extremely popular.


Decorative hinges are easy to use. May be different in width, length and color. They are popular in modern and classic interiors.


Pocket-tunnel through which the curtain slides along the eaves. The main advantage of this mount is noiseless. A great option for the interior with simple solutions.


The curtain tape helps to drape, wrinkle and give pomp.


The most common method of fasteners. Rings are distinguished by their strength and durability.

Photos in the interior of rooms

Ideas using pink curtains are simple and tasteful.

In the living room or hall

Pink curtains in the living room or room - is primarily elegance, sophistication and chic.

To the kitchen

Pink curtains in the kitchen have a soulful atmosphere. Such a design move will give the room piquancy.

The photo shows a country-style kitchen with cropped pink curtains.

To the bedroom

The bedroom is romance and comfort. Therefore, it is here that it is appropriate to use curtains of pink material.

In the children's room

It is in the bedroom for the girls most often choose pink curtains. This color is used to give the room tenderness, kindness and softness.

In the photo room for the girl made with the use of various shades of pink.

For bathroom

By adding a pink curtain to the bathroom, you bring to the room the brightness and super modern stunning.

In the office

In the interior of the cabinet, pink curtains are sure to attract attention.

Examples in various styles

In the interior design pink color creates comfort, relaxes and gives mood.


Ash-pink and pink-purple curtains are ideal and harmonious for an interior in modern style.

In the photo there is a modern-style living room with a sofa and pale pink curtains.


In this style today it has become popular to combine a pink palette. Curtains in the design of the room looks interesting and pleasant.


Pink Proven style curtains will give your home peace and comfort. And bring unusual French notes.

On the photo is a Provence bedroom with an emphasis on pink curtains and textiles.

Design and drawings on the curtains

Curtains with pictures are very popular. And this is not by chance, as beautiful images transform any interior.


Peonies are reminiscent of summer. Curtains with these bright colors are a great choice for decorating your home.

In the photo there is a bedroom with wallpaper and curtains of pink color, complemented by a floral pattern.


Classic option. The strip is appropriate in the kitchen, in the living room, in the dining room and in the nursery. Such curtains are combined with different colors and patterns. They are good for all interior styles.

In the photo there is a nursery with a bright accent on the wall and pink striped curtains.

In a cage

Pink curtains in a cage make the interior more "alive", interesting and unusual.

With butterflies

Fill the house with ease and light. They can be hung in any room, the interior blooms from similar curtains.


Curtains with pea print are very popular in interior design.

Combinations with other colors

Pink color is quite diverse and easily combined with different shades.


Beneficially complements the refreshing and delicate shades of pink. The interior becomes softer and more peaceful.


Together, these colors create an excellent combination and a certain splendor in the interior of the rooms.


The combination of turquoise and pink is most often used in modern and avant-garde styles.


In combination with pink always decorate the nursery. Adding to the interior of toys and bright textiles, you get a great room option for a child.


Pink and yellow, like sunlight fill the room with bright colors. Give the interior a richness and unique originality.


The use of light green with pink is original and fresh. The combination of these two shades creates a cozy atmosphere in the room.


This combination with pink is used in retro style.


Perfect for pink. With proper selection of accents, the interior becomes a bit mysterious.


When paired with pink, it looks truly elegant and noble.

In the photo there is a living room in gray tones with pink roman blinds and gray curtains on the windows.


Very active combination. Blue-pink curtains in the interior betray him the dynamics and color.


A pair of purple and pink is a very interesting idea for your room.

Shades of pink

Pink color - derived from red. If red is always bright, then pink is more discreet.


Quiet and gentle, in the bedroom curtains of this shade will look very harmonious.


This shade attracts attention. Fuchsia curtains are appropriate in spacious rooms.

Pictured living room in bright colors and curtains fuchsia.


Curtains of coral color will fill the bedroom or nursery in bright and warm summer.

In the photo the bedroom is fully sustained in coral color.

Dusty rose

In combination with white, this shade will be a real decoration for a bedroom, nursery or even a bathroom.

Ash pink

Looks impressive in the living room. If you correctly and correctly choose accessories to this color, the interior will acquire mythical notes with a smoky pink patina.

Pale pink

Universal color. This shade will give the room space and fill it with air.

Combination Options

Combining provides opportunities for ideas and design options.

Tulle and portiere

Many decorate the windows with tulle and curtains. Pink curtains and tulle are able to make the living room, bedroom and nursery more comfortable and elegant.


Decorative element at the top of the curtains. Lambrequins decorate not only the hall and the living room, they also look great in the office and in the nursery.

Combination of various lengths

The most common option - curtains of different lengths. Used for extraordinary window decoration in the kitchen, living room or bedroom.

With wallpaper

This combination is closer to the interior of the nursery or bedroom.

With furniture

Pink curtains and pink sofa in combination with light green or blue color will make your room bright and challenging. But at the same time, using more muted shades the interior takes on a calm and peaceful look.

Textiles (bedspread, pillow)

This combination gives the interior the right tone and sophistication.

With carpet

Carpet and curtains can harmonize in style and color. In combination with pale pink, hot pink carpet and curtains will add a color accent to the interior.

Decor ideas

There are many options for decorating curtains: from the most unusual accessories to the most simple.


Allow to keep the curtains in one position. With the help of holders, you can further emphasize the appearance of the curtains and give them a special style.


As a clip, you can use any available materials: hairpins, ribbon beads. A similar element of decor will bring originality to the image of the room.


Used to fix the curtains. They betray the room original and interesting accent.

Tassels and fringe

Always attract attention to themselves, emphasize the color of the fabric and create a mood.

Pink curtains can be an option for those who are not afraid to experiment, follow the fashion and give themselves and their interiors a lot of positive emotions.

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