Folding bed built into the closet

People living in a small apartment, constantly face the problem of lack of free space. A lot of useful and functional things should be placed on a small area, while there should be enough space for a comfortable and cozy existence. Using furniture-transformer, they partially solve their problem, because the folding bed, built-in wardrobe, folding table, help to save precious square meters, to combine a rest area with a study, a living room.

Such products are not an invention of recent years. The first prototype of folding items can be called a stool, known since the days of ancient Egypt. However, American William L. Murphy, who already in 1900 filed an application for a patent, became the father of the bed-case. During its relatively short history, the construction was at its peak of popularity many times. The demand for it increases before and after economic growth.

Design features

Choosing upholstered furniture for their own needs, a person seeks to get a practical, functional, durable, aesthetic product. All these qualities have a transforming bed. It, as well as the standard model, consists of two main elements: the frame, the mattress.

However, it has some design features that depend on the specific type:

  1. Legs. Unfolded bed rests on special folding legs that can withstand heavy loads. They are intended for both overweight and married couples. In the folded state they are not visible.
  2. Lifting mechanism. There are spring, gas, hinged options.
  3. Box (cabinet). Special element into which the structure is embedded
  4. Belts. Used for fixing bed linen and mattress.
  5. False doors with handles. Decorative element depicting the facade of the cabinet.
  6. Lamella system for the support of the mattress.

By the type of transformation mechanism used, the following options can be distinguished:

  • Rolling out. These are the most compact models, consist of folding sections, in the put state are reduced three times.
  • Reclining. In the uncomposed form they represent the front part of the cabinet. Lifting is carried out thanks to pneumatic springs.
  • Swivel-folding. The movement is due to the swivel joints.
  • Combined. At the same time perform several useful functions.

By functionality, the following types are distinguished:

  • used exclusively to save space, for example, a standard wardrobe bed, hidden behind the facade;
  • multifunctional products that allow one area in the house to be used for different purposes, for example, a sofa bed, a bed-table.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this furniture are appreciated by many users. It is installed in small apartments for the arrangement of compact children's rooms. This is an indispensable attribute for any studio apartment. It is often installed in living rooms in order to arrange an extra bed in case of the arrival of guests or relatives.

Such popularity is caused by the advantages of products, their main purpose:

  • Save free space. When folded, the object is invisible, allows maximum use of the wall, freeing up the room for other needs.
  • Rational organization of space. A variety of multifunctional designs, such as a sofa bed, a bed-table, allow the same area to be used for different purposes. In the daytime to receive guests, sleep at night.
  • Room decoration. A beautiful wardrobe will suit any interior decorated in various modern styles, the basis of which is minimalism.
  • Multifunctional. The product can be used to store various things and bedding.
  • Strength. Leading manufacturers who value their reputation, for example, Ikea, use high-quality raw materials in production, produce reliable and durable devices, which even after long use work properly.
  • Room cleaning. It is rather difficult to perform wet cleaning under a stationary bed, it is quite difficult to clean the floors under many models. In the case of a transformer, everything is much simpler.
  • Variety of shapes and sizes. Thanks to a wide range of products, everyone will be able to choose an item that meets their requirements.

This type of furniture is not without flaws. Its disadvantages include the following:

  • Psychological discomfort. Some people are afraid of these devices, they feel insecure, experiencing that at any moment it may develop, or, conversely, fall on a person who is nearby.
  • Special requirements for walls. The installation will require strong partitions that are able to withstand the load on them during the operation of the structure.
  • High price. High-quality models are much more expensive than standard analogues.
  • Daily manipulations. Every day it is necessary to fold and fold the bed.

When choosing this option, be aware of its impracticality. There is no opportunity at any time to rest, lie down for a while. For these purposes it is necessary to do unnecessary actions, especially this causes inconvenience after an exhausting working day.

Varieties of models

Manufacturers produce a wide range of beds that are built into the closet. All devices differ among themselves in different parameters.

Depending on the placement of the sleeping surface, there are two main types:

  1. Horizontal. This design can be installed only along a long capital wall, not cluttered with other interior items. On sale there are only single options. Most often, this type is used for arranging a bed for children and teenagers.
  2. Vertical. The most common and validation models. In this case, the bed with the sides is perpendicular to the cabinet, and in the raised position it occupies its entire height, being part of its facade. Suitable for installation in a room with ceilings whose height exceeds 2.4 m.

According to the type of mechanism, four main subspecies are distinguished: roll-out, folding, tilt-and-turn, combined. Consider these options in more detail. Let us dwell on their characteristic features, design features.


The mechanism of a vykatny bed is located in any facade. Modern models are equipped with electric wires, guide rails and a sectional mattress. The working part of the design occupies the lower level of the cabinet, the top remains free. Speed, the direction of movement is set from the panel.

High-tech model is convenient to use, has an original design. You can mount a model of any size into the cabinet. The design consists of several sections, which are folded out as they are pulled out of a special box. Such beds occupy several times less space than regular folding mattresses.


When folded, the bed has the appearance of a regular closet. The front side can be decorated with mirrors, doors. To expand the product, you need to pull the top edge of the mattress and put it on the floor. Compared with other models, the folding option takes up a lot of space, dimensions as close as possible to stationary beds.

The folding bed will fit perfectly into an apartment of a studio type or with a regular layout. It can adjoin the wall horizontally or vertically using various mechanisms. When unfolded, the base with a mattress is placed on the legs.


Models have similarity with folding beds, but their mechanism works on a different principle. Space to accommodate such furniture will take a lot, since rotation when opening the cabinet is provided in one of the sides.

Swivel bed suitable for spacious rooms. Any furniture can be its basis (shelves with books, wardrobes). Control is carried out remotely, so durable alloys must be used to create fastening systems. The main difference between rotating structures for rest is that the racks and shelves on the back of the bed will always remain in the same usual position, so you can make them open.


Such pieces of furniture can simultaneously perform several functions. A single design may consist of a cabinet, convenient drawers, beds, shelves. Some models can be transformed into a sofa with the subsequent horizontal decomposition of all parts.

The only drawback of combined products is their high cost, but practicality and versatility compensate for this factor. A large number of options for combinations, sizes allows you to use the design in many rooms. It can be folded in any direction.

Types of bed designs according to size and type of structure

Folding beds, built-in closet, very practical, suitable for different rooms. For each room selected its own model. Also, the choice takes into account the purpose and capabilities of the design.

For clarity, we consider the existing options, among which in size there are two main types:

  1. Single beds They are divided into children (60x140 cm), teenage (80x160 cm), adults (120x180 cm). There are narrow and one and a half. This option is most often chosen for children and teenagers, single people.
  2. Double beds There are standard (180x200 cm) and euro (190x220 cm). This option is suitable for everyone. On the big bed to rest comfortably and comfortably.

By type of structure can be identified:

  • Bunk beds, built-in wardrobe. They are a system consisting of two single beds that fold horizontally. The ladder is provided in a design. Disassemble it into two parts will not work. The standard section size is 70x190 cm.
  • Bed-sofa, built-in wardrobe. Device 3 in 1 - one of the most practical for small spaces. This is a great alternative to conventional models that perform only one function. However, this is a very bulky construction that takes up a lot of space along the wall. It can be fastened exclusively to concrete and brick partitions that can withstand a huge load.
  • Bed-table, built-in wardrobe. It includes three main elements: locker, cot, table. The length of the latter depends on the width of the bed. When choosing a product, it is necessary to pay attention to the height of the desktop, which determines the correct position of a person’s body during work.

If a small bed is planned to be used by adults, special attention should be paid to the limiting levels of stress on which the efficiency and durability of the transformation mechanism depend.

Types of lifting mechanisms

The transformation system built-in beds can be varied. It is necessary to pay attention to this factor when choosing a suitable model. Any mechanism consists of several parts, the effort of which depends on the size of the bed, its material of manufacture. Designs include swivel legs, shock absorbers, fasteners on both sides of the mattress. All accessories wear out and loosen with time, so it must be periodically examined. Several types of mechanisms can be involved in the configuration of folding beds.


The design is driven by separate springs and integrated units. The tension of the mechanism can be adjusted based on the weight of the bed. The design will be durable, if properly calculate the load.

The operation of the springs consists in smoothly unfolding the transformer, slowing the discharge of the mattress from the case. The universal lift operates with a coil spring system. Metal elements account for the main load. The average service life is up to 5 years.


The most comfortable and easy to use lift. Powered by gas shock absorbers that fully absorb the load. Power units have metal plates, gas lift, steel axles. Preferring this type of mechanism, it is necessary to study its design and safety rules, since the gas shock absorber operates with nitrogen.

Iron plates are attached to the cabinet and the bed, are located around the axis of rotation. During the descent, the rise of the plate go on the axis. The load is evenly distributed due to gas lifts. Human participation in this process is minimal, children can easily use the design. The advantages of this mechanism include the following factors:

  • Silent operation;
  • Durability of metal parts and rubber gaskets;
  • Ease, ease of movement;
  • Minimal risk of injury;
  • Huge range.

The disadvantages include unsightly appearance - part of the mechanism is visible at the head. If parts fail, repairs may be difficult due to the lack of replacement of parts or the high cost of work.

Looped mechanism

The bed is expanded with the application of a certain effort by a person, therefore the mechanism on the hinges is also called manual. A simple option is not suitable for everyone, since it involves the movement of a heavy construction by hand. Because of its features, enjoys the least popularity.

The lack of auxiliary parts complicates the process of lifting and adjustment, but significantly increases the strength of the mechanism. Simple hinges are mounted at the head of the bed, and when it is tilted into the closet, the mattress is fastened with latches.

Bed reclining method

There are many models of folding beds of various sizes and designs. For ease of use, they are equipped with special mechanisms that allow you to quickly organize a bed. Depending on the type, purpose of the piece of furniture, there are the following ways of folding the bed:

  1. Mechanical. The method involves manual transformation. To do this, you need to open the cabinet and pull the top of the mattress, leading it to a horizontal position;
  2. Remote. Easy, modern way of transformation. Management of a design is exercised from the panel. The bed will rise and fall without human intervention.

Transforming bed in an interior of rooms

Compact berths are very popular. Even the owners of spacious apartments prefer beds that are built into the closet. At night it is a comfortable bed for sleeping, and during the day a spacious area for work or rest. The mattress with the frame hides behind a beautiful facade, taking a vertical position. The folding transforming bed will perfectly fit into any interior. She can clean a niche in any living room.


Installation of an additional resting place will be reasonable in the most frequently visited room. Such a decision will be rational, especially if the apartment is two-room, and the hall is used as the parent’s bedroom. You can equip a niche with a built-in bed of any type - angular, folding, pull-out. A folding bed in the interior of the hall, which is used as a room for sleeping, can be installed as follows:

  • In the corner cupboard with numerous shelves;
  • In a low chest of drawers in a horizontal position;
  • In a large niche in the wall with the extension to the center of the room;
  • In a special design in which the folded bed will successfully hide the contents of the shelves.


Some business executives, owners of large companies who spend a lot of time in the office, are increasingly installing hidden beds in their offices. Ergonomic, functional design - a modern and effective method of dealing with stress and fatigue. Even a few minutes of rest in a horizontal position will calm the nerves, remove irritability.

In an office of any size and shape, it will turn out to successfully combine a cabinet for storing personal belongings, papers and a sleeping place. The multifunctional rack is simply indispensable in the cosmetology office, in the beauty salon and massage. A comfortable bed will be hidden in the closet at your leisure time. The vacated space can be used by the manicurist or hairdresser. Folding narrow couch can also be used to divide the room into a work area and changing room, a rest corner.


The variety of designs, colors allows you to equip a folding bed in any interior nursery. Harmoniously fit into the child's room designs of any type.

Horizontal furniture is more often single. On the opened free wall from the top there can be bookshelves, a rack with toys and other children's things, there are secret drawers.

Vertical structures are attached along the wall. Their width is limited by the height of the ceiling, so they can be used for two children. Such designs, in addition to the direct destination, play the role of a successful stylish accent in the interior.

Recessed structures for children are made from environmentally friendly materials, the corners of all elements are smoothed. A folding bed fits perfectly into the room of a child of any age, thanks to a variety of design options.

What to look for when choosing a store

Before you place an order on the website or go to the store for a folding bed, you must carefully prepare - determine the area of ​​the room in which the furniture will be located, measure the area intended for its placement. It will be useful to draw a detailed scheme with the designation of the width, height of the new design. When choosing a suitable model, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Correspondence of color, texture of materials to the overall design of the room;
  • Type of lifting mechanism, quality of fastenings, strength of metal parts;
  • The quality of the material from which the frame is made. Wood bases should not have voids;
  • Reviews about the manufacturer.

Step-by-step technology for self-manufacturing wardrobe beds

Independent production of a folding bed will significantly reduce financial costs, make a piece of furniture of the desired dimensions, ideally in harmony with the overall design of the room and the available accessories.

When assembled, the bed will look like a regular compact wardrobe. To begin with, we determine the type of design and design of the future bed. Then we make a drawing with a detailed reflection of the size and configuration of the structure. As the base material is better to use chipboard. The assembly process will take place in four stages:

  1. Build the frame. We connect the plinth, back walls and shelves for an emphasis with screws or screws;
  2. We install the structure and fasten it to the wall;
  3. We collect the base. We bring down the boards into the frame in accordance with the dimensions of the future mattress;
  4. We connect the base with the frame, fasten with screws. Then we attach the selected folding mechanism according to the instructions.


Buying a folding bed is the perfect solution for small or cluttered rooms. Modern designs successfully complement any interior, thanks to the variety of design will be an original highlight in any stylistic direction. They can be built into a closet of any size, closed or open type, with regular shelves or a compartment door.

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