Compact furniture-transformer

Modern furniture of the apartment, the house is quite versatile, multifunctional. It will fit well into the spacious premises of new buildings, as well as into small rooms of "Khrushchev". Furniture transformer is constantly being improved, taking into account the growing human needs of the 21st century. With its help it is easy to adapt the space for themselves, which is important at all times.

Features and versatility

Large and small furniture manufacturers are carefully studying the demand, the needs of customers. The main requirement for the furnishings of modern apartments is space, plenty of space, nothing extra. The interior is unacceptable bulky closets-walls, which until recently decorated every apartment, without exception, low-occupancy wardrobe and sideboards, in which previous generations kept their simple belongings, shaky tables and the terrible view of square bedside tables under the TV.

A modern interior should be comfortable for each family member, regardless of age, gender, occupation. This takes into account that everyone’s personal belongings will be quite a lot, because the competent organization of storage comes to the fore. Any furniture item transformer combines several different functions, being, at the same time, a place to sleep and store clothes, daytime rest and work at the computer, warehousing small household appliances and tea.

Changing furniture is suitable not only as a decor for the apartment’s living space, but also for an office, a hotel, a kindergarten.

Advantages, disadvantages

Furniture-transformer, like any other, has a number of significant advantages and disadvantages.

  • organically complements the interior stylistics of minimalism, loft, industrial, hi-tech, etc .;
  • the products are compact when fully folded, take up little space, unloading space, which is very important for small apartments;
  • transforming furniture allows you to not clutter up the room with unnecessary things, store them in hidden sections;
  • one item replaces two or three different;
  • it can be folded, laid out in just a couple of seconds, turning the hall into a bedroom, a place to work in a recreation area;
  • non-standard solution to help zone any space;
  • it is much cheaper to buy such a universal item than to purchase each item separately;
  • interior with furniture-transformer, made on an individual project, is always original, unique.


  • small children, the elderly are often problematic to use such items of furniture on their own;
  • with constant folding-unfolding, the furniture wears out faster, especially in the joints of parts;
  • moving mechanisms of the product with the active use often break, seize, require replacement;
  • such items weigh a lot as they experience increased loads;
  • improper, careless use may lead to serious injuries;
  • The design of furniture-transformer in most cases is unacceptable for interior styles such as baroque, antique, oriental, country, etc.

When buying, you should carefully inspect the furniture, sit down, lie down on it, fold it up and fold it several times - no part of it should be put forward by itself if it is accidentally struck, when this is not required.

Transformable Bed Options

Without a comfortable bed, it is impossible to have a high-quality arrangement of the sleeping area Even if the place is catastrophically small, next to the bed I want to place some kind of a locker for clothes, a table where you can put a cup of tea, a laptop, throw a couple of magazines. There are only two main variants of multifunctional furniture:

  • parts in one case are combined in such a way that one furniture item easily turns into another and back;
  • if a certain furniture is not needed now, it is compact and neatly folded, removed for storage.

Transformable bedroom furniture can have the following appearance:

  • table-bed;
  • sofa bed;
  • bed-dresser;
  • bed-wardrobe.


All of them vary widely in design features, manufacturing materials, transformation mechanisms used. Such a mobile bed, if necessary, easily turns into a sofa, completely hidden in the wall or becomes a dining table. According to the folding method, they are folding or retractable, in most cases equipped with orthopedic mattresses.

Furniture of complex construction, especially purchased for children, must necessarily have a safety certificate.

Wardrobe bed

This design is a lifting bed attached by a headboard or side to the bottom of a built-in wardrobe. It is important that the locker is securely fastened - otherwise the building will easily tip over when trying to expand it. Such a bed can be single, one-and-a-half or double, have open shelves for books, souvenirs or closed niches for bed and underwear on three sides, which are visible only when the structure is laid out. The last option at night looks like a regular bed, with hanging shelves on either side of it, in the daytime it is part of a smooth wall, with two barely noticeable stitches.

Two-tier wardrobe-bed is equipped with a removable staircase that allows you to go upstairs. Saving usable space here is maximum. During the daytime, the upper and lower beds are almost invisible, as they are hidden in the closet. The bottom of one, both beds is made out rectangular or rounded shelves.

If you re-cover the bed every day is problematic, it is fixed with special straps mounted on the bed.

Bed dresser

Chest - a product with several retractable drawers. The design combined with a bed is usually made a little higher than the standard one, holding one or three drawers for bedding and other things under the sleeping surface. The dresser-bed for the nursery is carried out in three options:

  • high bed for one child. At the bottom there are four to six drawers of different sizes for storing clothes, toys, books, upstairs is a berth, to which the ladder leads;
  • bed for two children. One of the sleeping planes is located on top, and under it - the second, disguised as a wide drawer. Compact storage spaces are arranged at the very bottom;
  • crib for baby. It is a barred sleeping area with a chest of drawers attached to its end, the upper part of which is usually equipped with a changing table. The height of the bottom is adjustable.

Bed table

Table-bed is usually bought for organizing in the bedroom a mini-office equipped with a sleeping surface, as well as a child's room equipment. There are several variants of its execution:

  • the berth leans against the wall, hiding under the shelf. Planck, which plays the role of "legs", on which the bed rests in the unfolded form, becomes a narrow table;
  • high, with drawers for things, sliding table, which "hides" under the surface of the bed, advancing, if necessary;
  • loft bed with a full working area downstairs;
  • design with a table at the bottom and a cabinet at the side.

High beds for young children, with ladders on the second "floor", equipped with railings, protecting against accidental fall.

Sofa bed

Such a structure for the night becomes a full-fledged plane for a comfortable sleep of two and even three people. In the daytime it develops, turning into upholstered furniture for sitting. Drawers for storage, open, closed shelves are usually located on the sides of the product.

Sofa beds have many varieties, distinguished by the ways of folding:

  • "eurobook";
  • "click-klyak";
  • "accordion";
  • "dolphin";
  • puma;
  • "pantograph";
  • "cot";
  • lit;
  • "telescope";
  • "cot".

This type of furniture is straight, angular, island, located in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, etc. When folded, it forms two to four or more seats.

Materials, mechanisms for transforming beds

The main thing to look for in the case of purchase of modified furniture is its moving mechanisms. The safety of all households, as well as pets, directly depends on their strength and reliability.

The main types of mechanisms used:

  • for manual lifting - the most reliable, durable, durable. For successful unfolding the mattress is required to slightly raise;
  • with twisted springs - acceptable for most models of upholstered furniture, able to withstand significant loads - within 130 kg .;
  • with gas-lift - designed for almost silent, easy folding. With careful operation will serve more than 30 years.

Compact transforming tables

Transformable table - a convenient, practical, multifunctional thing. When folded, it takes up very little space, and when unfolded it is suitable for a full meal of the whole family. These tables are different in material production:

  • natural wood;
  • MDF;
  • Chipboard;
  • glass;
  • metal.

There are differences in the mechanism:

  • sliding or louvered - the table top is bred along the guides, inside the structure there is an additional middle part, due to which the surface area increases;
  • folding - it is laid out, increasing not only the size of the surface, but also the height. Such a table is easily converted to another subject;
  • automatic - when unfolding one part, the second is disclosed independently;
  • turning - the tabletop is first turned, after - completely unfolded.

The shape of the table can be rectangular, square, round, oval, less often - asymmetric. Some models are equipped with wheels for easy movement around the apartment.

The price of such a product depends on the material of manufacture, fame of the brand issuing it, the complexity of the design.


The low coffee table fits perfectly in almost any interior. He is able to change his height, easily turning into a dinner for 4-10 people. Such furniture items vary widely in design, shape, and are made of wood, glass, and metals.



The product is intended for eating - when the table is laid out, it will easily accommodate from two to eight people. The tabletop of the object is converted from small to large, while increasing several times. The height of the structure can not be changed in most cases.


A writing desk-desk is usually purchased for a student. The design is capable of changing over a wide range not only the height, but also the angle of the tabletop. It is easy to fold it up to the size of a compact bedside table in order to free up space in the nursery for games and sports in the time free from the lessons.


For kitchen

The kitchen table can be of any shape. The transformable design is indispensable for small-sized kitchens in "Khrushchev", many old houses. When folded, it serves as a shelf for dishes, a place for eating for one or two people, but when guests come, it can be expanded, turning it into a dining table for a large company. Separate models of such structures are equipped with a hob, a built-in sink, a reclining dining surface.

For baby

Transformable table for a child who has just learned to sit, is intended primarily for convenient feeding. It combines a children's table and chair, easily converted into a swing or a walker. The design serves as a high chair at first, leaning against the standard "adult" table, when the child grows up, it is separated - a separate small table and a chair for it are obtained.

Transforming sofas, armchairs

Sofas and chairs that can transform into other pieces of furniture have been popular for many years. They are conveniently placed in rooms of any size, they look beautiful, modern. The sofa, by simple manipulations, can turn into a bunk bed, a comfortable table, a chair in the unfolded state forms an extra bed for one person. Filler for such products is usually foam, synthetic winterizer, polyurethane, special latex.

Some manufacturers produce sofas that can be laid out at a distance, using a special control panel, sold in the kit.

Sofa-Bunk Bed

The most practical piece of furniture for a large family with many children. Free space for games for preschoolers in the nursery should be at least 60-75% of the total space, because the presence of a sofa-transformer is very convenient. The design is easy to decompose even a teenager, the product is also suitable for use by adults.
When assembled, such a sofa looks good in the living room, it is often used in the event of a visit by guests. Separate versions of the design are converted into a closet, have drawers for storing bed linen, shelves, etc.

What to consider when choosing a bunk sofa bed

A product intended for children should be equipped with a ladder that allows easy access to the second "floor". For younger children, the staircase is equipped with a railing, and the upper bunk - sides. Some species are fully understood, forming two identical beds that are placed side by side, which is especially convenient for fastidious children who want to sleep at the top today and tomorrow at the bottom. The angular design will perfectly fit into an interior of any room, as much as possible saving the place.

When buying, it is important to consider the design of the room in which you plan to place such furniture, the reliability of the structure, its dimensions, build quality, and cost. If the product is planned to be accent, it is desirable to make it to order by contacting the designers.

Sofa table

This type of construction often becomes a zoning element of a studio, a living room combined with a kitchen, etc. The product is modular or simply folding. Most often the tabletop is also a sofa backrest, and the armrests are removed. In another embodiment, the narrow surface of the table is attached to the back of the back of the sofa, representing the semblance of a bar counter. There are also products where a small table leans back from the armrest, is embedded in the middle, by turning one of the pillows.

Transforming chair

Convenient and compact home furnishings. The product is placed in any room, optimally suited for small apartments, where friends and relatives often visit during the night. The chair-bed is capable to accept several various provisions, differs in durability, durability, mobility. The variety of modern upholstery fabrics allows you to choose it for any interior style. It is important to purchase a structure with a high-quality folding mechanism, as well as a removable cover that is easy to wash in a typewriter.

Unusual Transformers

Furniture type "transformer" is often built into the niche, which is most convenient in small apartments. There are wonderful beds that can replace a full-fledged bedroom set - they combine one or two beds, a table-console, multiple storage sections, bedside tables. Universal, compact table-stand, will become a mobile workplace, a kind of mini-office, able to rearrange to any place of the apartment, to accommodate up to three items of office equipment. The semicircular console table is mounted on a wall, becoming working or toilet. The “flying up” bed is equipped with extensive drawers, in which practically everything that should be in the bedroom can fit. The installation of such a product is often done on the podium, while the sleeping plane rises with several light movements.

The most interesting option is a coffee table that can be converted from a serving table. A small convertible wardrobe becomes easy to computer, at the same time being a place for storing household utensils, a dressing room. In the corner compartment is often equipped with a mini-office. The sofa-wall has a high back, if necessary, converted into a full-fledged sleeping plane for two people, usually has several shelves, also modified. The folding kitchen sofa hides a mini-bar in one of the armrests, and in the other - sections for crockery and table linen.

A multi-tiered table is used both as a coffee table and as a dinner table, hiding a convenient storage system under the tabletop plane. A folding design with a table, in the unfolded form, having a mirror in the lower part, which is a support, in the folded state is indistinguishable from a simple mirror in a frame, suspended on a wall.

Mobile dining area for two people, when folded, occupies a space comparable only with a large nightstand. The design folds like a puzzle, in unfolded form forming two comfortable chairs and a small table. The product is often used as garden furniture placed on a covered veranda. There are also round models, consisting of a table and four or six soft chairs. The assembled product resembles a circular cabinet

Полка, при взгляде сбоку имеющая вид треугольника, оборудуется откидной плоскостью в нижней части, которая служит компактным письменным либо компьютерным столиком. The wardrobe wall, decorated in one part with a reclining sofa or bed, the other with a full-fledged table, has all kinds of shelves, drawers and is often the only furniture of a miniature studio apartment.


Multifunctional furniture-transformer is a universal solution for arranging a city apartment, a private mansion. This is the most practical option for a cramped bedroom, nursery, guest room. In the presence of certain carpentry skills, smart furniture is created by hand. By purchasing the necessary tools and materials, the master is able to create a unique, one-of-a-kind product. Most furniture companies make transformable sofa-chairs, wardrobe-tables, other items according to individual designs of the customer, as well as according to their own projects. Choose the appropriate option, usually not difficult.

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