Design studio apartment of 23 square meters. m

When a person acquires a one-room small apartment, he thinks: how to equip it so that the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom fit? This issue is particularly acute if the apartment is tiny - only 23-25 ​​square meters. Such a room is suitable for a couple without children, a student, for the temporary residence of a mother with children.

Planning a design studio of 23 square meters. m, you need to take care of its functionality, practicality, aesthetic appearance. Apartments should be comfortable for a normal life. The studio apartment is a room with almost no partitions, only the bathroom with toilet is separated by a wall. About the best design projects "odnushki", an area of ​​twenty meters with a little, in detail in the text of the article.

We develop a design project

With some skills, an understanding of what exactly I want to do, the interior project of a 23-meter studio can be developed independently, but it’s better to turn to professional designers. 13-18 meters stand out for the living area in such an apartment, the rest is a bathroom, an entrance hall, a place for cooking food.

The undoubted advantages of a small apartment:

  • it will take much less time, effort, and building materials to organize a full repair than to renovate a larger room;
  • the cost of "extra" things, objects, accessories will significantly decrease - they simply will not have any place to store;
  • Payment for utilities will also be relatively small.

To visually expand the space, use a large wall mirror, a minimum of furniture, bright wallpaper. Very good, if the apartment has a heated balcony, loggia. When combined with the main premises, they will give an additional two to four meters, which are used to organize a recreation area, a working mini-office. To expand the kitchen, they "take" a piece of the hallway, the living room is combined with the bedroom, separated from the kitchen by a narrow folding table, a bar.

If the family living in a small-sized apartment owns a garage or an additional small room in the basement, then all the excess is stored there - a table-book, in case of a large-scale reception, a bicycle, a suitcase on wheels, etc.


Stylistic direction

Styles design small apartment there are the same as the large:

  • classic - the interior is decorated with gray, brown, bronze, beige tones, luxurious draperies;

  • minimalism - the very minimum of objects. The colors used are bright or bright, contrasting, matte. The decor is almost absent, the furniture is as functional as possible, within which everything superfluous is hidden;

  • Scandinavian - a lot of natural light, white and pastel shades, natural materials;

  • high-tech - an abundance of chrome-plated metal, glass, shiny surfaces, built-in appliances. There are shiny blinds on the windows, black and white photo frames on the walls;

  • Loft - perfect for the attic floor. Walls with brickwork or its imitation, deliberately underlined water pipes, radiators, open ceiling beams;

  • Provence - wooden floors, linen bedspreads, wicker furniture, panels of natural materials on the walls, mat on the floor. Very "in the subject" will fall floral prints;

  • fusion - a mixture of many styles. It should be used with care, in moderation, so as not to litter the space.

Baroque style for a cramped studio is not suitable - it assumes excessively bulky furniture, accessories.

It is not recommended to demolish and restructure the bearing walls on your own - it threatens with the collapse of the whole structure.

Color solutions

The lighter colors used in the design, the more spacious the small apartment seems to be. The sleeping area is decorated with pastel colors - there should be a calm atmosphere conducive to falling asleep. You should also be guided by your own feelings - one is “blackened” by a black-brown color, another is purple, the third is woody. Bright shades are allowed only as decorative elements.

Carpets in any part of the studio are preferable to be plain - as they do not “hide” the space. It is possible to lay the entire apartment in one-color laminate, and in the middle of the living room, bedroom, hallway, highlight rugs of various colors.

If there are few windows, 3D stickers with their image will save the situation - many companies produce them as big as a real window, with realistic landscapes-pictures behind such a window.


Space zoning

An apartment of limited area is not as difficult to zone as it seems. The kitchen can be combined with the living room, which becomes the bedroom at night, and the sleeping area can be conveniently placed above the desk where the laptop is located.

The division into zones is:

  • folding screens;
  • through racks;
  • Japanese curtains;
  • decorative grids;
  • height of the ceiling floor;
  • closet, table;
  • using light;
  • glass, plasterboard partitions;
  • different colors, textures.

Square or rectangular studio is the easiest to plan. Convenient U-shaped zoning with different floor heights. In this case, on the one hand, the kitchen will be located on the podium, on the opposite side - a sleeping place, between them - a small dining area, bathroom - closer to the exit. A number of non-standard solutions can be applied in an asymmetrical configuration - a bedroom or a study in a bay window, a children's room on a loggia or niche, a kitchen desk, which is a continuation of a wide window sill.

Option of a studio layout for one person: a rectangular room, to the right of the entrance is a combined bathroom, to the left is a coat rack. Along the right wall there is a kitchen set with a bar, a refrigerator, a gas stove, a washing machine. Left - folding sofa, corner wardrobe. The window in front is decorated with a wide sill. Over the window and sofa - hanging lockers.


Kitchen-living room

The kitchen area will occupy almost the entire one wall - sink, oven, hob, washing machine, extractor, fridge. All equipment is purchased narrow, compact, built-in. The space for cooking and eating is shared by the bar. Kitchen utensils, tableware, store in a high closet-case, mini-sofa, with built-in sections. It is important to install a powerful hood in the kitchen so that smells do not spread. The dining area is easy to place on a loggia or a warmed balcony - then the table top is mounted where there was a balcony window with a door.
The TV is placed on the living room wall, the speaker system, and other similar attributes - on the shelves, under or above it. In the corners put tall lockers. A wardrobe separates the bedroom from the living room, but more often it is replaced with a floor hanger of the required size, a chest of drawers for linen.

The window sill area should be used to the maximum - if the window is located in the kitchen area, then a microwave, electric kettle, toaster should be placed on it. Books, movie disks, a hand-held sewing machine, and a house for a domestic cat will be placed on the window in the living room.



A place to sleep is distinguished by a podium, a screen, or even a canopy. They put a bed or a folding sofa. If two people are supposed to stay in the apartment, then a bunk bed is quite suitable for them. For couples, this option is not acceptable. In the case when the ceiling height is not less than three meters, consider the option of a two-level space - at the bottom of a high built-in wardrobe, desk, at the top - a berth of two or three people. To climb to the second "floor" using a folding or ladder. The bedroom is perfectly equipped on a loggia or niche.

For the organization of a bedroom-nursery the lightest, warmest corner is chosen. The room is separated by a screen, for an older child a cot is made on the “second floor” - above his workplace or play space. Parents can sleep in these cases on a folding sofa in the living room, combined with the kitchen.



It is desirable to abandon the hallway almost completely, highlighting only the place where you can take off your shoes, hang up your outerwear. The corridor from the main room is separated by a wardrobe, which is turned "back" to the door, on this plane hangers for clothes, small shelves for shoes. Built-in closet is also installed in the corridor niche, if any. Zoning of the hallway looks original with the help of flooring - contrasting in color of the carpet, laminate, tile. If possible, a miniature hallway is separated by a sliding door. This is very useful when the apartment is not very warm - the door will provide additional protection from the cold from the street. Textile curtains, frosted glass, stained glass, metal partitions with a plasma perforation - the perfect solution. Lighting the corridor should be sufficient not only to remove shoes and coats, but also normal combing and applying make-up. The position will save a special makeup mirror with bright illumination around the perimeter. The corridor is allocated no more than 1.5-2 square meters.


Bathroom and toilet is most practical to combine, allocating for them no more than 3.5 square meters. In another embodiment, under the toilet emit up to 1.5 square meters. enclosed space, and instead of the bathroom put a shower stall. Corner booth saves space, as does a miniature bath - triangular or short. The specificity of the bathroom is that it can be positioned only in a certain place of the apartment - near the “riser”. Washbasin is also preferred angular, miniature, in the presence of a bath, you can completely abandon it. The device of a heat-insulated floor in a bathroom will serve as additional heating of the apartment - there is not enough place for volume batteries here.

Competent furniture arrangement

You can zone the space of limited footage with the help of furniture - it is preferred to be narrow. Relatively low objects divide the room, high - place along the walls. All possible pieces of furniture are made folding or folding. No bulky tables, massive chairs - they only “steal” already limited space.

Wardrobe bed - a great purchase. At bedtime, he is a bed, and during the day the sleeping plane rises, without taking up extra space. The sofa bed at night will serve as a bedroom, being a compact place to relax during the day. The corner folding sofa will perfectly fit into a small-sized studio, decorating it. Furniture with wheels is very comfortable - the bed folds during the day, “leaves” for the night in the center of the room. Almost all things are placed in closed shelves so as not to clutter the space. A good solution is shelving with built-in mirrors. The mirror in itself visually creates a space, high racks are the capacious place for storage.

It is desirable to furnish all or most of it, select the same color, similar in shape and style. High furniture visually saves space - spacious wardrobes to the ceiling, bar counter with high chairs, “attic” bed.



With a lack of natural lighting, artificial care should be taken doubly - an abundance of light visually expands the room. The backlight is chosen local - for each zone its own, as well as the general, adjustable brightness. In the "sleepy" zone do dim diffused light - ceiling lights, special ceiling lamps, sconces. For the kitchen fit contour lighting, combined with the general ceiling lighting. Thick curtains visually reduce the space, because they are replaced with blinds or blinds, located close to the glass. This will effectively use the area of ​​the window sill.

The working area should be well lit - enough to fully read, write, do work on a laptop. In the presence of a nursery, it should be very bright during the daytime, and before going to bed a night light with an ambient light sensor turns on.



When designing a studio with a size of 23 squares, it is taken into account who will live in it and for how long. Ideally, such a room is suitable for singles, even two or three people will be accommodated here temporarily and less comfortably. This interior combines compactness with comfort, originality with versatility, it is a fundamentally new format of housing. The problem of closeness is solved by well-chosen furniture, zoning, minimizing the number of decorative finishes.

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