Purple sofa in the interior +75 photo examples

At least on this page we confess honestly, choosing interior items, we first filter the preferences by color. This is an unconscious visual choice. Nature created our eyes in such a way that at first we notice a colored spot, only then evaluating the shape. The brain gives its assessment in just a few milliseconds. Consciousness is responsible for the practical application of things, size, purchase price, and the subconscious identifies the conditions for mental equilibrium. So there is a purple sofa in the interior. And that's why.

Color psychology

Violet would not be so attractive if it had not had a secret meaning. It is believed that the lilac spectrum is the color of the cosmos, fantastic events and ... magic.

Psychologists say that choosing a purple tone, a person wants to plunge into the magic of the unknown, look behind the veil of the supernatural. That is, to get some new knowledge and skills. Optionally for witchcraft, plans for professional retraining are also included in the group of subconscious desires.


This is the color of romantics, visionaries and religion. It is closely connected with the science of psychology, the ability to hypnosis, as it has an effect on the human nervous system. Can slow breathing, control heartbeat, soothes, relaxes. At the mental level means time of change. The desire to be alone with yourself, with your thoughts, to make an important decision in destiny. So, having seen someone from the family, sitting thoughtfully on a purple couch, do not disturb him. He thinks about the future.

Color features and best combinations

In purple 196 shades. This is the champion in diversity palettes. Most often the names of tones have a floral-floral trace. Victorious orchid, lavender grass, lupine and the like. Mother Earth took care of diversity. Ordinary people use modern landmarks to designate. Today, viber or 500 euro notes are more familiar than the thistle buds.


Experts adhere to the circle Ittena, which shows the relationship of the main set of 12 colors. Thanks to him, classic combinations were established in interior design:

  • perfect harmony arises with shades from its own group, suitable for lightness and warmth;
  • using a contrast compound, you must be careful not to get the aggressive mood of the room;
  • lilac activity is best removed pastel colors, white, an abundance of cold green.


Combination with white

The classic combination for living rooms: white wallpaper, light parquet, glossy ceiling, blackberry sofa in the center, and a couple of chairs from the same range. It is associated with an expensive pastry dessert. Berries with whipped cream, for example. Reception of guests in the hall with violet color of upholstered furniture with snow-white wall decoration will give in the character of the owner of the aristocratic esthete. In such a room you can make solemn speeches and not look like a bore.


Add to the room during the celebration the aroma of real lavender, a little lilac. Invited guests will feel more comfortable if their visual series coincides with the sense of smell.

The couch with plum upholstery on white legs looks frivolous. Such trifles are good for the design of bedrooms, extensive corridors. Especially if the wallpaper there are in the purple group.


Combination with brown

The darkened background of the wall is great for the soft seat of the grapevine and close to it. Interestingly, in various design solutions a pair of purple / brown can play the main role of retro-style apartment or house, and may be part of fashion trends. It all depends on the texture of the wall.

For example, it is easy to achieve a vintage effect with plush vinyl, and the brickwork that modern graphic designers adore successfully “steals” the coldness of a lilac spot, dispelling a person’s attention. This unloads the brain, makes a little slower, relaxes, corresponding to the motto of the current generation, exhausted by the exhausting information flow. Looks like light brown cabinet furniture. It gives the room warmth, raises the color temperature of the space, gives comfort, spreads a sense of security.


Combination with green shades

Placing a sofa amaranth upholstery in a room of cool shades of green, you form a complex conglomerate subtones. Together they create a feeling of passing time and great opportunities. Dramatic, creative individuals in such an interior are convenient to invent fantastic worlds. The dark emerald background, the details of the room are made of dull grassy, ​​as strong in perception as the cool paint of violet, therefore in the atmosphere they act on equal terms. The link looks very adware. Large companies have long taken it into service.


Fresh, bright, warm colors of green, on the contrary, come into the struggle for attention. In this case, the sofa corner on a uniform background simply attracts itself, invites you to sit down, lie down, do nothing. Resistance is almost impossible. To balance the contrast of light green and indigo you need to use a lot of lighting, natural and electric.


Combination with yellow

An extremely strong combination that makes a lasting impression at first glance. At the second too. Get used to this is unrealistic. In order to remove the inevitable psychological stress, it is necessary to pick up supporting details of the same small size in the amethyst sofa: paintings, prints, wallpaper designs, figurines, boxes. They should be dispersed throughout the room.


Making friends with two strong color schemes will be easier if you put yellow pillows on the sofa, install sconces with diffused light over it.

The striking standoff itself fades away when the main tone of the room is pale yellow, and the sofa has a transparent iris color. Affectionate combination of tenderness favorably looks even in the bedroom, lulling to sleep the next one, charging in the morning with a spark of vigor. Especially recommended for the sunless side.


Combination with gray

Usually choose the representatives of the stronger sex. In the masculine view, such a combination is very thorough, strict gray will exclude the demonstration of vulnerability. Especially if the sofa is leather. In order not to provoke a conflict of color interests follow the simple rules:

  • Purple and blue-twilight furniture fabric with minimal padding is suitable for silver wallpaper;
  • Smoky walls favorably shade hyacinth, fig, eggplant ottoman;
  • Ash will support light shades of purple-pink, will create the impression of expensive premium design;
  • Natural neutrality of steel lilac, mallow ennoble.


To prevent darkness, you can design the window with airy curtains of powdery shades with a sparkling sheen.

Interior styles with a purple sofa




gamma of the room

Optional accessories
Imperial- strict composition;

- uniformity of forms, materials;

- figured backs, armrests, furniture legs





Plants, ceramic pots, sconces
Disco- sloping forms;

- transformers;

- folding furniture in the style of the 80s




mirrors, posters, pop art
Minimalism- sharp lines;

- at least;

- the only color spot of the room




pale hyacinth

lamps, open thin shelves
Ethnic- soft outlines;

- rounded back, wide armrests, hidden legs;

- tassels




warm pink

pillows (not much happens), carpets, tin dishes, pots
High tech- extravagance;

- simplicity;

- manufacturability;

- metal parts

transparent cold colors


pieces of modern art
Avant-garde- experiment;

- asymmetry;

- geometry



the black


pendant lamps, footstools, glass tables, plastic chairs



Due to the variety of purple, sofas of this color are suitable for any room in the apartment. In the living room - a corner with a deep blue tint will remind the seascape. Warm pink reflections in the nursery like babies and teenage girls. Cute purple sofa comfortably in the kitchen. After reviewing dozens of photos of interiors, reading the advice of design experts, finally decide to open the door to update the house. With the correct play of colors you get the energy of the cosmos, along with complete relaxation. This is what the choice for the apartment purple sofa means.

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