Baroque style in the interior +45 photo examples of design

Birth history

He appeared by the end of the 17th century, first in Rome, later caught on in Venice and Florence, after which he conquered the whole of Europe. Baroque style in the interior was in vogue with Louis XIV, the peak of its popularity was the 18th century, now there are also quite a few adherents of this trend.

The premises, decorated in the spirit of Baroque, resemble the royal palaces, replete with expensive elaborate decoration, everything is big, intricate, even deliberately catchy. Initially, the unusual and bizarre nature of this trend was put at the service of noble people and high-ranking church officials in order to emphasize their consistency and power. Therefore, any element of furniture or decor pathetically declared the wealth of the owner.

The beginning of the Baroque era was the end of traditionalism, commitment to the classics. In the interior, as in all other areas, lush and uncommon forms, dynamism, and contrasting colors are welcome.

Main features

It can not be confused with other areas. Solemnity and pomp are the main features. All small parts must complement each other and form a coherent whole. The main features of Baroque décor are:

  • Large spaces are made. For small spaces this style is not suitable. In small modern apartments you can use only some of its elements.
    The furniture, the decoration details of the rooms have characteristic smooth curved lines.
    The Baroque style uses rounded and rectangular shapes, vaulted structures, massive columns.
  • The abundance of decorative objects. Design in the Baroque style suggests the presence of rich volume stucco, candlesticks, candelabra, massive clocks, statuettes in wall niches, fringe and monograms, photo frames.
  • The use of expensive finishing materials. In the design used marble, stone mosaic, precious woods, everywhere there is gilding, ivory, expensive fabrics.
  • Thoughtful lighting. Its excess is not welcome. A massive crystal chandelier or gilded tiered lights that give diffused muted light will come in very handy.
  • The presence of at least one large mirror reflecting this light. The frame is for him. Gilding.
  • Harmonious color gamut. The main color palette of the direction are pastel colors, where white, yellow, blue prevail, their shades, and also red, burgundy, green.

Rules for creating interior

The main principle will be to avoid monotony, to create a feeling of luxury. On 80 squares and with a small budget it is unlikely to work.

In this style, you can arrange a room or office, but not a small room. In this case, it is better to limit the styling using some characteristic details.

To create a baroque interior in your apartment, you need to purchase only luxury pieces of furniture. Sofas, chairs can only be of the highest quality, upholstered in expensive fabrics, with carved details. The interior creator will need:

  • spacious room;
  • high-quality solid furniture;
  • paintings, murals;
  • fancy accessories with gilding;
  • various decorative pillows;
  • Be sure to hand embroidery.

This direction is quite open for those who want to fully enjoy the freedom of creativity. With the help of the baroque interior, which is again in fashion, you can focus on the high status, prosperity of the host. But at the same time it is important not to lose elegance, harmony.

Wall decoration

They can not be monophonic. Must be present volumetric details in the form of moldings, borders. Decorative plaster, the use of textile-based wallpaper, wood panels, and niches are welcomed.

At the dawn of the birth of style, the walls were decorated with paintings with religious and battle scenes, tapestries, and brocade. Today, the design uses stylized vintage engravings, there are scenes on the theme of urban panoramas, travel.

Luxury furniture can emphasize the panels of red or rosewood, paintings in the Renaissance style, decorating the room with pilasters, complex moldings.

When designing walls, they do not use the same type of material, they must be several, they must be expensive, compatible with each other, additionally decorated with decor, which can delight any guest.


It does not contrast with the wall, but is its continuation. The direction is characterized by its spherical or vaulted shape. The ideal solution, which enhances a sense of grandeur and luxury, will be a ceiling with frescoes. Modern style often uses a print stretch ceiling.

The interior design in the Baroque style in the apartment recommends for the ceiling:

  • deliberately rich finish;
  • ornate stucco, "flowing" from the walls to the ceiling;
  • for decorating chandeliers - molded sockets;
  • gilded parts inscribed in ovals, circles, murals, their imitation.

Ceiling decoration is an integral part of the composition, which is by no means dissonant with the covering of the walls and the floor.

The ceiling is made even or vaulted, and murals are used to enhance the feeling of volume and height.

Floor decoration

It can be made of ceramics (marbled or majolica), wood. Baroque parquet is diverse. The size of the tiles, the color of the floorboard, the number of strips on the laminate is a personal matter for everyone, they depend on the taste of the owner of the home. Baroque dictates only two requirements: the color of the selected materials must match the entire interior, not in contrast with the general tone. Some part of the floor can be covered with a painted carpet.

The modern interior decoration in the Baroque style prefers monochromatic patterned carpets or with some bright pattern.

The current technology helps to create a unique style in the interior of the living room, even the kitchen. Self-leveling floors are one such solution. Brilliant, opaque, monophonic, with patterns, imitation of wooden, expensive stone pavement, with a 3D effect ... In addition to a variety of design options, this type of flooring is also very durable.

Window and door decoration

They will also require rich decoration. In addition to the thread, gilding, textile inserts or stained glass, vignettes, stained glass are used.

Doors, both entrance and interior, are decorated with columns, pilasters, gables, coat of arms. The style requires that they be double-winged, made in dark colors, replete with lush fittings and carvings. In the manufacture of doors used natural wood oak, beech. More budget options allow coniferous array.

The shape of the windows, made in the Baroque style, involves the use of curved lines, massive handles, unusual shapes. In order not to disturb the style, the design is equipped with stained glass windows with an intricate pattern. The openings must be large so that bright daylight illuminates the entire rich interior.

The windows are decorated with complex shapes with cornices, French curtains with lambrequins, embroidery, scallops.


In the Renaissance, when the direction was just emerging, the forms of sofas and armchairs underwent some changes. Embossed leather began to be used for upholstery, velvet, the backs and legs became curved, the seat was lengthened so that you could position your legs. Wooden surfaces with a matte, rough surface began to be treated with varnish and gilding.

Fashion is replenished with such a concept as a furniture set, the nobility ordered the decor to eminent masters. Mosaic tables, armchairs with artistic carvings were made by hand, huge beds were built on the podium, decorated with canopies. Lying in bed, the nobleman sometimes received guests, so her headboard was also decorated with openwork details, gilding, draped curtains.

Baroque style furniture is characterized by:

  • carved details, decorated with gold;
  • backrest high, curved;
  • use of expensive stone, valuable tree species;
  • painting and gilding;
  • use of silk and velvet, hand embroidery.

Color spectrum

The most recognizable color combination of style is gold on white. It emphasizes the status of the owner, creates the splendor of the interior. Instead of white, you can use pastel beige, sand and peach.

The modern version allows the introduction of such dark ones as blue, noble Bordeaux or chocolate, low-key green.

For the decoration of walls and ceilings, surfaces are covered with contrasting combinations. And combine, for example, white and brown, can gilded stucco, smoothly flowing from the walls to the ceiling. Most characteristic is the use of blue with yellow; white, pink, and red are very popular.

The color scale of furniture upholstery is various, both warm and cold shades are used. It is in harmony with the decoration of the walls, often for the walls and furniture use the same fabric.


The first requirement is the presence of a large, preferably multi-tiered chandelier made of crystal. One of the options can be numerous lamps with gold leaf and many small details, if possible, also crystal.

Too bright light is not welcome, well, if it is soft and diffused. The style will emphasize some twilight. Multi-colored lampshades will help to dim the lighting.

To make the room more visually more spacious mirrors are designed. They are decorated with massive frames with thread, gilding, they are arranged so that they reflect light, increase the volume of the room.

Candelabra and girandoli are also used. Fix them on the walls or floor. The abundance of various kinds of candlesticks is welcomed.

When making a modern home interior baroque does not accept plastic parts. When choosing a chandelier, you need to pay attention to forged models, preferably bronze ones, with a lot of crystal elements that can provide good illumination in a spacious room with high ceilings. Fluorescent lamps not allowed.


Art objects

The main theme of painting on the walls are portraits, cityscapes, all sorts of genre scenes with the interiors of palaces. Luxury emphasize the work of Rubens, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, their copies.

At registration will not be superfluous massive mirrors, vases, chests. The cabinet can be decorated with an old globe, place a map on its wall.

For decorating the interior used sculpture and painting, floor clocks, jewelry boxes, candelabra.


All textile elements should be made of expensive heavy fabrics: canopies of velvet, satin, curtains and pillows - of silks and brocade. It is important that cushions, tablecloths in harmony with the overall decoration, were as luxurious as the setting. Fabrics most often imitate materials found in nature: marble, malachite, repeat the pattern of a turtle shell.

On the walls you can place the trellis, a kind of lint-free carpets. Boudoirs are decorated with canvases with complex woven patterns depicting landscapes, flowers, birds. The interior can be added with your own hands. Those who can sew can put hand embroidery on pillows and tablecloths. Men familiar with joinery will make carved furniture.

Savory little things

The stylish interior will be enlivened by any personal things in the spirit of the era: a fan or ladies' umbrella, a scarf with embroidered initials of the owner. The house should not be similar to an antiques shop, but fresh flowers in designer vases will be very appropriate.

Budget baroque style

Today, this elegant style with pompous decor is completely difficult to recreate. But lovers of romantic style and rich interiors can use many elements of the baroque. One has only to remember some basic rules:

CanIt is impossible
classic lighting options: massive chandeliers plus sconces for the living room, in the bedroom there are symmetrical lamps, table lampsuse fakes
only gold leaf, velvet, crystal
a lot of crystal luster, original details, decor with curves and curlsnothing small
all details must be expressive
take an example from the palace interiorsmodern decorative lighting
ceiling lights are prohibited
LED bulbs excluded
curls, half-turned scrolls on furniture and walls

In the conditions of a small apartment, it will be necessary to sacrifice the rule to decorate only large and high premises. You can resort to design tricks to visually expand the room in breadth and height.

A large field of activity gives the requirement to make extensive use of stucco, carving, embroidery. Much can be done with your own hands, especially since the market offers a large number of imitations, for example, moldings made of foam plastic and polyurethane.

Gilding can also be imitated with a special paint.

On a tree, marble, and a mosaic with expensive fabrics will have to spend money. But the finish can already be done independently. On the materials, according to the rules of the genre, you can not save.

Furniture, since it plays a primary role in baroque interiors, will have to buy an expensive one. Paintings and statues of the Renaissance also will not need a series of consumer goods.

In any case, if you opt for the interior of this style, you will have to spend money very seriously. But no other option will not be as luxurious and will not emphasize the consistency and taste of the owners of the house.

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