DIY wood decor - 50 photos of ideas

The faster the industry develops, the more a person tries to get closer to nature. He surrounds himself with nature not literally, but by creating the illusion of being on the air, even if he is resting in the living room. This desire is not just to live in a house that is built from natural raw materials, but also to come up with an appropriate interior design. Therefore, everyone wants to use in their home decor wood made with their own hands, to feel like a real owner.

The fashion for wood appeared quite a long time ago, but now not everyone can furnish their own dwelling in the style of the TV series “Twin Peaks”. The room should not be overrun with wooden furniture, furs and animal heads. This is already talking about the bad taste of the owners. These blanks are available for the forest area, but for the steppe one - finishing the house in this style will cost you a lot of money. There is an option to dilute the familiar atmosphere with rare patches of wooden cuts, which translate absolutely into any image. You can create such a design yourself, spending only on fasteners.

Advantages of interior decoration with wood sawn

The cuts of the tree surprise at the same time the external attractiveness and complexity of creation from a technical point of view.

Now let's see what the advantages of wood trim:

  • Durability. If wood is amenable to proper processing, and will be protected from moisture and various mechanical damage, then it will last long enough. If this is a whole wooden wall or floor, then you can save on annual repairs.
  • Thermal insulation. Firewood is a source of heat not only in the fire. Raw materials have the ability to keep the temperature, so for a cold concrete apartment this is the best kind of warming, albeit partial. In winter, such a warmed floor will warm any legs.
Decorative tree from branches
  • Uniqueness. You can of course pokleit wallpaper with the image of wood cuts, or lay a laminate, but in such pictures a pattern is used - a simple repetition of one module. The natural finish of the cut is a composition where each element is unique. The pattern on the saw cut and its shape are unique.

Create a designer wall

For decoration, it is desirable to choose one side of the room. Designing all the planes is a sign of bad taste, and the room will look overloaded. Any room needs to be given air, and it's not about the windows. It must breathe space, and this effect gives a bright empty plane. Only one "wood" side of the room will become a kind of accent, which will become her mood. You can lay out the "wood puzzle" on your own, and now let's talk about how this is done.

Each in the yard is already dried tree, which must be removed. Now it's time to chop it up. We take a branch, saw it into bars of medium thickness. From the resulting "pancakes" you can remove the bark, and then polish. Thanks to what you do not drive a thorn, having touched a wall. The obtained wood layers should be treated with a special insect repellent, and then planted with glue. It is advisable to varnish the resulting relief - varnished wood can last a long time.

On a note! Create a composition of different sized branches, ranging from a massive trunk, and ending with the thinnest branches. The composition breathes, due to the formed voids between the saws of different sizes.

Wall panel - a piece of nature in the interior

You can meet the panel of any components, but you did not see the canvas of wood, right? Here contrasts are welcome, so feel free to use even hemp. The picture should not look like a pattern, but a full-fledged composition with a dominant and secondary elements. Make tonal gradations, and place accents with tone. Specifically for the proposed product is better to leave the bark - it will make it more attractive. Careless relief will create the atmosphere of an endless forest, and move you into it.

It is advisable to sketch a rough sketch, but if you like to improvise directly in the course of work, then go ahead. For bright contrast, frame the canvas assemble from simple slats, this will give the picture ease. Spile polished on the side that is adjacent to the wall for better gluing. Leave the other side untouched - it will give the overall picture a natural look. The wood cuts bounded by the frame in the interior will look like a window overlooking the forest. Rama collects the composition into one, and groups it.

Difficulties of display of modular floor

This view is quite complicated, so it is better to be patient and get to work. Choose thick trunks to avoid the formation of large voids when laying out circles. For the manufacture of the floor is selected logs of hardwood, because the floor is exposed daily.

There are two reasons that make you sweat:

  • Solution. If you put all the parts on the glue, then the floor will not last long, even if you cover it with varnish. The modules will fall off due to constant pressure. It is necessary to use a solution, possibly based on cement.
  • Surface alignment. If in the design of the vertical plane the thickness of each element does not play a big role, then for the floor this is the main condition. It is necessary to adjust all the modules to the overall thickness, and to do grinding after installation. The procedure will take a lot of time, because to achieve a flat surface is not easy.

Then start to cover the finished surface with varnish. It will protect it from pests and external influences. The floor is easier to clean, and it will last longer in a “protected” state. An unprotected surface may be affected by pests or it will simply start to rot, due to excessive moisture.

Creating home comfort with homemade furniture

The furniture looks completely different, depending on the type of raw materials available. Tables and chairs are made, since the silhouette of the saw itself itself resembles a small table or chair.

There are two basic principles of creating furniture:

  • Modular - assembly of an element from small parts (modules). Actually, with this method we are already familiar. It allows you to create a product of absolutely any shape. Here it is also necessary to achieve a perfectly flat surface. Utensils will be placed on the table, and so that it does not turn over, the surface of the table should be perfectly polished.

  • Integral - the whole element is taken as the basis. This option is much simpler than the previous one in technical terms, but it is more difficult in search of a bar that is large in diameter. With chairs, things are better, and if you want a table at which the whole family would have eaten dinner - you will have to tinker with searching for a large diameter saw cut. The price of overall saw cut is quite large.

No matter what principle you apply in the creation of the product, the main thing is to immediately assess your capabilities so as not to spoil the material. Any way is good, because wooden furniture is famous for durability and durability.

Ideas for kitchen based on semicircular cuts

Such a figure is an unusual decor item and a reliable assistant in the kitchen. The material withstands high temperatures and does not heat up so much. From the cuts, you can create simple solid supports and modular, the material of which is easier to find. Everyone saw such coasters in the store, and thought, “No, you can't do that yourself” - an erroneous opinion. Why pay more if you do it yourself?

The kitchen will be complemented by fancy semi-circular shelves that can be put together from solid wood cuts, dividing them into two parts. It creates the illusion that the “roundels” are in the process of sinking into the wall. Reception is interesting if the shelf is round, thanks to this creates a visual movement. The effect is achieved due to the dynamic relief on the crust. The shelves will harmoniously accommodate cookbooks, or personal collections of hostess recipes. And the product will hold a large enough weight, even if its size may not inspire confidence.

Remember! If this stand is specifically for dishes, it is better to make it whole. Connecting small parts involves gluing, and glue is incompatible with high temperatures. The stand will just fall apart into several pieces.

Detail of wood as an accent in the interior

Small blotches of "forest" in a familiar environment mentally bring you closer to nature. Cuts in the interior are used as decoration, and perform certain functions.

Create fancy accents with your own hands:

  • Clock. Unusual use of wooden saw in any interior looks cute. Especially if it is a circle of irregular shape with a crust on the surface. The bark is fixed, because it can deteriorate over time. The more carelessly the wooden “pancake” looks like, the more interesting the watch will be.

  • Flower vases. Unleash the imagination, and use different types of branches. A hand-made ornament of small branches looks expensive, and no one would guess that a vase cost you a penny. It will be in harmony with the design, and will find a response in things with a similar decor.

Remember! Things created from identical material in the room should be a bit. They should overlap with each other, but not look like "brute force."

  • Frames for mirrors. In creating the product it is important to adhere to rhythm or metricity, but chaos will be inappropriate. Alternate large cuts of wood with small ones, or make the whole frame of circles of approximate size. Any of the options will be correct.

Make your own floor of the cuts - it is quite possible. Not to mention the small interior items that are made in a minute with wood, glue and your imagination. Surprise your friends with a tastefully decorated home, and make your life more comfortable. This is an environmentally friendly product that will benefit your health. If the product is from pine needles, then a light pine aroma can even help you with the treatment of a cold.

If you cope with the floor, then the design of a tree of the whole wall will seem like a matter of five minutes. You will need to use your own taste, and your knowledge in the field of composition, although most people trust their flair.

Everything will turn out, it is enough just to “collect” these products and fix them with glue, or just to cut out a solid object. Create an image in your head, and try to bring it to life. You do not need special knowledge or skills, adhere to the basic rules for the choice of materials and means of processing. After all, why spend a lot of money on the work of a designer, if you are able to cope with this task on your own, without spending a penny.


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