Valentine's Day Decor - do-it-yourself holiday decoration ideas

The Day of All Lovers is a wonderful occasion to express your feelings and tell about them to the people most dear to you. In Russia, the holiday began to celebrate not so long ago, but he managed to catch the fancy of many couples, who traditionally celebrate it every year. To create a harmonious romantic atmosphere there are a large number of original ideas for decor and table setting for Valentine's Day. Taking advantage of some of them, you can make a wonderful surprise to your partner. The eccentric atmosphere and entourage inherent in the celebration will be remembered for a long time and will often emerge in memory, as one of the most pleasant memories.

It is not necessary to buy expensive jewelry and gifts. It is possible to do everything with your own hands, it is much more interesting and creative, and also saves a lot of money for the budget.

Create a unique design for your interior on February 14th! Arrange a romantic dinner or just a festive tea party in the symbolism of the celebration. You will pleasantly surprise your chosen one and show sincere love for him.

If you want to give your home a festive spirit, then the following decorating ideas will perfectly help to cope with the task! Do not be limited to cooking dinner and toast "for love." Add to the design of the apartment a few small nice additions, spend an unforgettable day in tune with the atmosphere of love.

Wall decoration

Include your imagination and start acting! When choosing a range of colors, be based on the color symbolism of the holiday - red (the color of passion), pink (tenderness, love). But you should not be limited to only two tones. Harmoniously dilute them with other colors. Succinctly fit - beige, purple, white, cream, lilac shades. Do not forget about the main characters, they must be present in the interior - hearts, paired images of swans or pigeons.

For wall decorations, garlands of hearts cut from colored paper are perfect. Glue together the flags on which you can write wishes, poems, short phrases on the topic "100 reasons why I love you so much!". The garland fragments themselves can be absolutely any shape, as long as they do not stand out from the general stylistics.

Make a big poster - the story of your love. This will require a large drawing paper or sheet of paper. On it you need to stick joint photos of different time periods, the gradation from the earliest to the present day. Swipe arrows between them and make funny signatures. Such a product will be the perfect gift that will always be in your field of vision and remind you of all the happy events. Do not forget to supplement it with the main words "I love you"!

Cut large hearts out of cardboard, decorate them with beautiful applications from improvised means (dry twigs, feathers, colored paper, felt flowers).
If your home contains photographs placed in simple frames, create stylish ornaments. Use hearts of various sizes from paper, cloth, pink or bright red. Additionally, decorate the edging with sparkles, feathers, rhinestones and other elements.
The walls can be beaten with simple cut hearts from paper and matter, or they can be made bulky. Attach the product to double sided tape.

Balloons - a familiar festive accessory that will add entourage to the overall setting. It is better if they are filled with helium. Balls can be tied to furniture handles, or simply let go to the ceiling. The hanging ribbons curl the sharp edge of the scissors. The original solution is to stick small hearts to each tip, on which you will write many warm words to your loved one. Balloons inflated with air, just scatter on the floor with rose petals, or interlock with a thread and place on the walls, doorways.

Balloons with LED insertion will not only decorate, but also completely replace the lighting. Different shapes and colors will lift your spirits.

Nice accessories in the interior

Small details will emphasize the solemn decor of the apartment. And help to fully spend February 14 in consonance with the holiday! Just a few strokes fill the day with joyful impressions.

Make a suspension on the chandelier. To recreate it will be required

  • hoop (alternative - corrugated paper, old book pages);
  • fishing line / strong thread;
  • color paper;
  • the cloth;
  • beads.

Wrap the hoop with fabric strips of any color you like. Tie to them several pieces of fishing line, you must first hook alternately beads and hearts made of paper. Suspended construction is easy to install, manufacturing does not require much time, and it will also be a wonderful decoration.

Take glass jars (with and without lids), pre-decorate them. Paint the walls with special paints, make funny inscriptions, paste around with paper clippings of various colors (hearts, swans, flowers). Inside the jar, place sweets, little notes, with various signatures, for example, "100 reasons that explain why I love you!". Your half will be delighted with such a gift more than a banal set bought in a store.

Make elegant candlesticks from empty bottles and place around the perimeter of the room. Decorate as described above. Material for decoration choose yourself, guided by personal preferences.

For a fun gift search, stick notes with directions that your loved one will find following.
If you like to do handicrafts - sew small pillows - hearts or create a composition of letters - the name of your beloved, the cherished phrase "I love you!".

Natural flower decor

Favorite flowers will add originality to the room, give a pleasant aroma. A lively bouquet can be an independent piece of interior and addition. You should not choose his usual form. Weave a beautiful wreath / garland of flowers. Small bouquets in vases, boxes, arrange in different places, or make one common composition.

Scattered rose petals add tenderness and romance. Place them on a bed, a festive table, a bath filled with thick foam, aromatic oils, aphrodisiacs. If on February 14 your partner is in the workplace, then such a meeting will cause delight. A joint bath with a glass of champagne will help you to relax and tune in to a pleasant celebration of Valentine's Day!

Table decor

Festive dinner - a must-have part that should be carefully thought out. To make it all perfect, pay attention to some great ideas for serving and decorating the table:

  • First choose a tablecloth. It can be large or narrow stripes. The layout of both types is possible. On a large white tablecloth, lay a red, pink color on the sides (center) of the tablecloth sliders. If you prefer a single large canvas, make a tablecloth with multicolored ribbons along the edges, shimmering sequins, and beads.

  • Choose the appropriate napkins for the style, you can put them under the plates or near them. Napkins are folded in different ways, but the traditional method looks sleeker. Additionally, tie the bundles with ribbons according to the tone of the tablecloth, attach a live rose - this design looks very original.

  • Cut out beautiful ornaments from fabric, paper multilayered napkins. Lay out the workpiece in the center of the table, place it under the cutlery. It is not necessary to choose the shape of hearts, it can be beautiful lace, like snowflakes, but with more rounded endings.
    February 14 on the table should be a bunch of flowers. Set it in the center, if space permits, then lay out the heart of small compositions.

  • Decorate champagne glasses. The easiest way is to tie the legs with a scarlet ribbon. If you are not looking for easy ways and love original objects - paint glasses for glass, draw beautiful patterns, write nice words or just draw a lot of hearts. From volumetric jewelry (fresh flowers, beads, feathers, rhinestones) create a decoupage. Glue applications need special glue, it will not spoil the product.

  • Take care of decorating the bottle with alcohol. The vessel placed in a decorated bucket with ice will look unusual. You can simply stick hearts of different sizes on it, tie them with massive threads, colored ribbon.

If you want to decorate the bottle, then you should remove the label under hot water. After that, you can proceed directly to the decoration:

  • 1 way: paint with special paints capacity white, wait until the paint dries. Cut out any material (paper, fabric, foil) hearts, glue them randomly. Gently paint over the gaps between cuts in pink or peach color. Additionally, glitter sequins, rhinestones, beads. Can be attached to the bottle volume application.
  • 2 way - an unusual method of decoration, which will delight all those present at the holiday table. Clean the bottle with a brush of melted chocolate with a brush, apply several layers. Then sprinkle it completely with nuts, confiture - hearts. Leave the bottle neck in its original form to make it convenient to pour drinks.
  • 3 way - print your label out of paper, on which you will write congratulations, pleasant words about feelings for a partner. Glue decorative items (hearts, bows, ribbons) to unclosed places.

Arrange the candles so that they replace the main lighting. This will give the room a romantic atmosphere. Dim light will add a holiday of tenderness and mystery. Place them on elegant candlesticks; place small water candles inside a transparent container. Do not use products with a perfume. The fragrance may just not like it. With prolonged burning, the smell causes nausea.
The food should fit the style of February 14, some make it in the shape of hearts, whether it is scrambled eggs for breakfast or meat steak. The main thing is that the taste preferences fit your companion.

Tea ceremony

Would you like to arrange a holiday gathering with a bunch of sweets and favorite tea? Then you can arrange tea bags in accordance with the spirit of celebration! This will be an unusual gift for a loved one who adores this drink.

You can decorate only labels - the easiest option. Cut hearts out of red paper, stick them on both sides of the thread. Envelopes, bags for tea bags - they are made of paper and material. The bag is additionally tied with a ribbon, and the envelope is painted with bright colors, embroidered from hearts. Completely redo the tea bag. The basis is sewed from a nonwoven fabric, on a heart pattern. Pour in the tea and carefully sew. Glue the ribbon with the label.

Before tea, place sweets and various cakes on the table. Fruit tea in original bags will be a perfect addition.

A traditional gift is a valentine in the shape of a heart. Do it yourself. Write a declaration of love, describe all the warmest feelings for a partner!

February 14 is a wonderful holiday that will help bring bright notes to the relationship of two loving hearts. It is suitable for all ages, and its celebration over time will become a pleasant tradition. If you correctly approach the design and setting of the festive table, then you and your lover will get a lot of positive emotions!



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