We make the interior in a classic style - examples of design

The classic style in the interior of an apartment or a country house is recommended for those who do not want to overload the space with unnecessary details, preferring calm restraint. If you refer to the original sources, the "classic interior" should be read as "exemplary". Accordingly, the interior of the classic is a reference design, worthy of imitation. The design of the living room, bedroom or other room of the apartment will be noble, respectable, confident.

Basic general rules

Creating a classic interior and making out any room in the specified architectural direction, it is necessary to adhere to such mandatory norms and standards:

  • For facing the walls of the room, you should choose natural stone, expensive panels, silk and other textured wallpaper;
  • We cannot conceive a harmonious style of a classic in an interior without luxurious chandeliers made of crystal, lamps, stucco products on the ceiling. Do not use any modern point lamps for decoration. If their presence is necessary, for example, for the light emission of certain pieces of furniture, the lamps themselves must be hidden;

  • The interior of a house or apartment requires a special relationship to the choice of furniture. Upholstery models of upholstered furniture such as a sofa or armchair should be made from high-quality noble textiles or natural leather. Artificial leather can also be used to create furniture. But such modern upholstery materials should have the look of their expensive “natural” counterparts. Remember, in a classic interior there is no place for cheap furnishings.

When arranging the living room, bedroom or other room in a classic style, you can choose wooden furniture. But such pieces of furniture should certainly have inlay or it should be decorated with elements of thread:

  • Developing the design of the apartment in a classic style, for flooring should choose parquet. Only solid wood boards. No linoleum, carpet, other "too modern" coatings;
  • For window decoration, choose curtains, draped curtains, the best textile fabrics. For wall decoration, use paintings and mirrors, for the whole room of the bedroom or living room - figurines, if possible, a fireplace.

Furniture and equipment

Can classic-style interior design be cheap? Not. Owners have to pay a lot for high-quality pieces of furniture, high-class materials for finishing the ceiling, walls, and other room surfaces. However, the interior of the room in a classic style with time pays for itself. Furniture made of natural wood has guaranteed durability, reliability and durability. Even finishing materials of different types and forms pass from generation to generation. In a couple of decades, the classic oak dresser or home library will increase in price many times, becoming an expensive rarity.

When choosing interior items in a classic style (we are talking about furniture), it is necessary to give preference to expensive wood:

  • Oak, birch from Karelia;
  • Red wood, nuts;
  • Cherry and other similar varieties.

The best classical interiors are created without furniture from exotic species. No bamboo or other modern delights.

If you need a true classic in the interior, select the headset, made by the manufacturer in a single copy especially for you. Such a thing is an excellent decoration of the room. And, last but not least, a profitable investment of funds. With exclusive elements any room can be turned into a classic palace hall of the 18th century.

Considering the pieces of furniture in a classic style, ranging from modular sets and ending in corners, you need to give preference to smooth lines. However, adhere to the rigor of forms. Typically, cabinets for the bedroom and living room in the style of a classic, along with tables, dressers and kitchen sets, are made from natural wood. In the role of the decor of such products are: gilding, carving, inlay of ivory or other varieties of natural wood. For decoration is better to take antiques, turning it into a family religion.

Special attention deserves the classic design of the living room. Why? Because it is exactly the classics that would best decorate such a room. If the dimensions of the room allow, you need to install:

  • A few elegant chairs in a classic style;
  • A huge sofa covered with natural leather or fabric, which we will discuss below;
  • Cozy sofa and coffee table of small height;
  • Several open shelves or other pieces of furniture on which you can arrange old volumes of literature and encyclopedia.

The interior of a classic house should be full of furniture with tapestry, jacquard, velvet, velor, natural leather and suede upholstery. Each of these materials is relevant and traditional. The sofas and chairs "classic" beautiful armrests and carved legs. The color and texture of the upholstery must be in harmony with curtains and curtains. Variants of execution are various: small ornaments are suitable not less than one-color finish.

Popular elements of the decor, creating a classic interior style and a unique design: gold thread embroidery, brushes, not too many ruched ruffles. Any lace would be out of place, no matter if they are on the furniture or on the curtains.

For a bedroom you need a rich and massive bed. The legs and headboards of such modern lodges are carved. As an elegant decor: canopy. Required pieces of furniture needed in this room:

  • Graceful bedside tables;
  • Pier glass and mirrors with gilded frames;
  • Beautiful dressing table in a classic style.

In modern apartments can not do without household appliances. Thinking through the design in a classic style, no need to abandon the equipment. Instruments and devices of traditional strict forms are needed. The best color combination is black and white. Household appliances should not have chrome coatings. For the design of the kitchen, you can order an embedded system. For example, wooden facades that hide a microwave and oven.

Choosing materials for finishing

The style of the classic interior is quite complicated. Therefore, we consider the options for registration in the classical style, "sorting out" the room into its components:


For walls, the main requirement of the classic architectural direction is smoothness. Preferred materials: decorative plaster imitating the texture of wood or fabric structure, costly embossed wallpapers.

The best decoration of the walls in the classical style is the production of plaster, polyvinyl chloride and gypsum cardboard. We can talk about moldings, columns and pilasters (half-columns in contact with the wall), bas-reliefs (convex parts), sockets.

To use the bas-reliefs and columns, creating the interior of the house in a classic style, is only subject to the availability of sufficient space. Otherwise, you will not have a "classic", but a jumble of various forms. Between the pilasters in the niches you can have mirrors or bookcases with books. They can also be an excellent complement to the doorway. The individual characteristics of the classic style in the interior largely depend on the taste of the property owner. But do not neglect these elements should not;


The ceiling needs white color. The maximum deviation from this mandatory requirement: cream and golden shades. Common elements of the decor for the ceiling is stucco. You can choose several friezes, curtain rods, rosettes, borders.

The current classic allows for the ceiling of several levels (tension structures). However, if possible, choose a coffered ceiling (beams that form cells);


For the arrangement of the floor you can use wood (expensive patterned parquet). Not the most practical option would be laying polished marble. But before you put the marble in the room, you need to consider that the coating is quite slippery. In addition, the color brightness is not guaranteed. Substitutes for the flooring listed are: ceramic tile and laminate. If not one of the options does not fit into the design, the room can be decorated with a carpet (a floral pattern is needed). The height of the baseboards should be large. In particular, with high ceilings;


Classic design requires that the design of the windows correspond to the overall interior solution. A complex Austrian or French curtain with numerous folds, a forged cornice or wooden curtain will be perfectly combined with expensive wallpaper and arches. We can recommend a Roman blinds made of elegant satin material;


With the elements of decor in the room should be considered necessarily. They will complement the design in a classic style. Use the help of figurines, stucco, paintings, sculptures, helmets and armor, wall and floor mirrors, large musical instruments (harp, piano, piano), columns and semi-columns, medallions and porticos, cornices and pilasters, huge floor or wall clocks. It is necessary to observe prudence, not to overload the situation. Items should be strict, symmetrical, as accurate as possible along the lines.


Classic style interior in bright colors - the most common option. "Exemplary" design does not tolerate bright rich colors or too contrasting combinations. The predominant tone of the base is white. The traditional color combination is light pastel walls (sky blue, light yellow, beige, white), white ceiling with stucco elements, dark floor. You can stick to the calm saturated shades of blue, green. But they must also be combined with white details.

Can pink, poison-green or other similar tones be present? No, their presence is completely excluded. Each selected color must meet the definitions - respectable, expensive, noble. And not fashionable, original or stylish.

Those who wish to create a rather original classic design can recommend a suite of rooms, each of which will be made in its own shade. But combined with other tones of the premises for the warmth and color saturation.

Light organization

For the living room should be ordered individually. Or buy a huge chandelier with lots of gold and glass. A graceful, sophisticated, but not fanciful or vulgar model is required. The quality of the lighting itself is really important. However, no less attention is paid to the appearance of the device. Ideal: antique or hand-made chandelier. Production materials: crystal or expensive glass. On the ceiling in the living room product should be placed strictly in the center.

Spectacular option: a chandelier that has heavy massive ceiling lamps-candles coated with gold or bronze. Such light equipment allows to recreate the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, when candles were used as a source of light. The walls can be decorated with practical amazing sconces, the floor - floor lamps with fabric decoration. The location of floor lamps can also be the area above and next to the chairs and sofas. When setting the light, it is necessary to choose an individual level of illumination for each device.

Who should refuse from the classics?

Classic interior in terms of color, wall decoration, furniture and any other features can be called universal. However, in some cases, it is still worth giving it up. The cases are as follows:

  • It is only necessary to “refresh” the room without spending considerable financial resources on it. We have already said that this architectural trend does not tolerate economy and cheap items;
  • The owner of the property is inclined to modern directions: high-tech, modern, minimalism. In this case, living in a new environment will simply not be comfortable;
  • The landlord dislikes non-functional décor and objects created solely for “beauty”. He needs a practical business environment.

Summing up

In order not to make a mistake, you should resort to the help of professional designers. Or, at least, order the development of a competent project. If you do not have enough finances to pay specialists or create project documentation, we should abandon the style we considered for a while. After all, for its successful implementation also requires a lot of money.

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