Design options for one-room apartment with a niche - the most successful design solutions

A common, as well as the most interesting option to create a creative layout and design is a studio apartment with a niche. It would seem - there is little space, the only room and niche, where can you fantasize? In reality, everything is not as it seems - the need to provide additional living space contributes to the flight of creative imagination and the creation of incredible design solutions that are spectacular and practical. What advantages can give the design of a one-room apartment with a niche.

Functional niche destinations

Solutions may appeal to a person only in two cases - either the owner of the room - an ideological minimalist who becomes ill from any excesses, or the available living space is due to the material state of the person. There is absolutely nothing to be surprised here - in Hong Kong (China) the minimum area of ​​housing is 5 square meters, so that niches in a one-room apartment become a real salvation.

A niche can be used as follows:

  • Children's room (mini-games);
  • Kitchen;
  • One sleeping place (recreation area);
  • Minimalist office, consisting of a table and a computer;
  • Mini-gym - for one simulator;
  • Pantry or dressing room. The best option is to simply install a large wardrobe.

There are real lovers of niches in a one-room apartment, which even in their absence seek to recreate them artificially from drywall, creating a certain additional room with their purpose in the niche of a one-room apartment.

What is taken into account when making the space of the niche and the room adjacent to it?

In this situation, two ways of implementing a design solution should be proposed:

  • The niche of a one-room apartment is a kind of continuation of the room, somewhat expanding it - practically and visually;
  • The room contrasts against the general background, being distinguished by the color gamut and thanks to a specially constructed incidence of light.

Regarding the lighting and selection of the color range of a one-room apartment niche, it is advisable to give the only, but incredibly valuable advice - regardless of the style of the room, the niche should be lighter. Even under the condition that the overall design of the room is made in dark colors - the niche of a one-room apartment should be a peculiar island of light. But a dark corner of a bright room will seem to be some part of the negative, which one does not want to approach.

In order to create the desired nature of the fall of the rays, a chandelier on the ceiling will not be enough. And even more, we can say that it is not needed at all - visually the chandelier will make the structure heavier, “press” on the subconscious. One lamp on the ceiling and several on the sides - that would be the perfect lighting.

Equally important is the shape of the room (here the shape of the niche is meant) and its combination with the interior in which the housing is sustained. For example, a vertical niche of a one-room apartment would be nice to contrast with an elongated room, furnished with low furniture.

The most successful design solutions that have been implemented using a niche

As mentioned above, from a niche can be turned into a very functional room. Especially when there is a certain practical necessity. So, how to make a niche not only aesthetically designed, but also functional, replacing a full-fledged room? Consider a few decisions regarding the implementation of design ideas, as an example.

A kitchen located in a niche - what should you pay attention to first?

As a rule, the implementation of this design decision is caused by not so aesthetic needs as it is vital - in the apartments, designed as studios, residents really want to isolate themselves from the kitchen a little bit, isolate the smells associated with cooking.

To really embody the idea, you should isolate the niche as much as possible. This is best done using partitions or plasterboard walls, leaving only space for passage. Another very important point - in the frame between the layers of drywall (sheets), you must necessarily place a dense sound insulation layer of mineral wool.
Completed kitchen repairs must comply with the requirements of the arrangement of limited space. You must use all sorts of techniques that allow you to use light textured and reflective light glossy surfaces, as well as accessories that contribute to the visual increase in the room.

Kitchen furniture for such a kitchen niche can be finished with glossy, mirrored or dull-glass facades that contribute to the expansion of the internal dimensions of the kitchen in visual terms.

There is an alternative solution to the issue - you can install in a niche not a kitchen unit, but a minimized dining area. For this, it will be enough to place a table there, a few chairs (ideally, if it fits without damage to movement, there will also be a bedside table). The considered version of the design solution is somewhat less common - the fact is that, purely at a subconscious level, a person wants to eat food and communicate over dinner with family in a larger room. The proposed solution is designed exclusively for the amateur.

Arrangement in a children's room niche

Now it is very often possible to find accommodation options when a small studio apartment accommodates children and parents. In this case, as a rule, the "office" of the smallest family member is settled in a niche. In principle, with the right approach, you can make a very good “game” for the crumbs.

It is not necessary to make walls of plasterboard - for this function, fences made of wardrobes or curtains can be quite used. The most important thing here is a purely psychological sense of limited space, forming on the child’s subconscious the impression that he has his “private property”.

Color design - white, dull shades of yellow or beige (also dull). With images of characters from cartoons, too, do not overdo it - you can have a few small pictures closer to the ceiling. But no more than that - that did not press on the psyche.
The game room in a niche can only be located if there is direct access to the window - otherwise it is really easy to spoil the child’s eyesight. +

Niche - office

In this case, just as with the game room, a source of daylight is needed.
Creating a study is possible without drywall partitions - cabinets with bookshelves will be enough.
An interesting suggestion is to place potted plants on the cupboard, placing them through the shelf.

Create a bedroom in a niche - some practical advice.

What should be considered first?

  • Location - away from sunlight, this type of bedroom is a corner of warmth and comfort, designed for "a soft landing, followed by a pleasant dream." Everything is exactly the opposite compared to the office or with a children's playroom. If, all the same, light penetrates through a window into a niche, then an opaque curtain should be placed at the exit from it, in harmony with the color scheme of the entire interior of a one-room apartment.

  • By itself, the bedroom lighting can be on the ceiling (lamps with low-power bulbs) or in the form of wall sconces at the headboard.
  • A rational proposal is to save space, which is already lacking, you can adapt the space under the bed for storing clothes and shoes.

Arrangement in a gym niche

It is also an interesting decision, especially on condition that the apartment does not have a balcony, where it would be much easier to equip a sports corner. Taking into account the fact that the size of a niche does not usually exceed 4 square meters, then the maximum that can be installed there is one simulator and orbitrek, for example. Or a simulator for complex exercises and a treadmill. Or, the third option, the most common - bench bench and a treadmill. By and large, such a set of sports equipment in combination with the presence of dumbbells and fitball would be enough to make a basic set of exercises.

Regarding the design solutions to this approach. The color scheme is only light colors in combination with hidden lights. This will have a kind of stimulating effect on the nervous system of a person, pushing him towards sporting achievements. There would be a desire!

Living room with alcove under the alcove

Placement of a pantry or dressing room

Real, feasible and effective use of empty space. The method becomes the only possible, provided that the area of ​​the recess in the wall is about 2 square meters. A very common phenomenon, especially among the owners of apartments of the old housing stock.

Place a pantry in the provided recess in the wall, or order a wardrobe in size (the main thing is that it does not stick out into the room) - this is the best way out of the situation, there’s nothing even to think about!
It is possible that in this case a slightly different moment is involved - presumably, there is already a built-in wardrobe in which all things fit, but an extra bed is needed.


Arrangement of a niche can be an excellent design solution, provided there is a shortage of living space in the apartment. Apply the existing niche really in completely different assignments - from the bedroom to the office. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, people prefer to make a place of rest from a niche.

This is quite natural - a niche is conducive to putting a bed there and forgetting yourself in a sweet dream. Already the interior style owner chooses to taste.


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