Living room design with two windows - 25 photos

Modern cottages and new buildings delight the variety of layouts, the ability to please the taste of any, the most demanding person, giving him the central room of the house, which he always dreamed of. When designing the living room design with two windows, an interesting task is being solved: how to harmonize the space, make the interior a good decoration, the background of the owner's life.

Possible options: make your choice

The living room of any style should be filled with light, air, warmth and comfort, so that everyone who enters feels relaxed and calm. The penetration of light into the home provides window systems. The presence of several windows in the main room gives a special, joyful mood when a person is inside a sunlit space, and allows you to save some electricity.

Meeting planning options:

  • one-sided arrangement (standard layout, enfilade passage through adjacent rooms);
  • window openings in opposite walls;
  • a window and a glass bay window in the living room of a country cottage;
  • window openings in walls perpendicular to each other;
  • corner window structures;
  • glass walls of the living room cottage.

Each of these options has its own characteristics, they should be considered in more detail and find the right move to make the living room the best place for an apartment.

Identical windows in the same plane

The living room, where the window openings are located symmetrically on one wall opposite the door, suggests using symmetry as the main idea of ​​the design solution. Any style based on symmetrical details and designs will be appropriate here.

English central symmetry. The center is a pier between 2 light openings, framed by heavy curtains with lambrequins and pickups, it should become a place of attraction of the incoming gaze. A fireplace decorated with a shelf for collections, a large mirror in a luxurious frame, a full-length front portrait - the main thing is that the decor item on the central axis of symmetry really attracts attention, organizes the space around it.

The modern interior dictates to take a pier between two window openings with a volume accent: a sculptural installation, a decorative light panel. Dimensional flat lamp of perforated metal will become a prominent art object of high-tech style design.

Also in this place would be logical placement of the TV. The latest high-tech panels themselves are analogous to Malevich’s Black Square, bringing an abstract touch to the modern interior with their presence. Framing a television device with an aluminum frame and hanging it from the ceiling are actual decoration techniques.

When the living room is used as a rest space for the whole family, rather than a hall for receiving guests or holding musical evenings, where a distraction device is inappropriate, the presence of a TV is functionally necessary. If, by its appearance, it falls out of the overall design concept, it is easy to decorate it with sliding panels, made according to the style frames, or hide inside a shallow cabinet with hinged doors.

French trend of the classics. A different European version of the interior layout provides for a suite of rooms. The windows are on the front side, and the doorways are very closely located on the adjacent walls. Thus, the whole space remains aside, is deep, slightly hidden from the direct rays of the bright sun, which provide sufficient illumination. This layout belongs to the southern direction of European architecture, is often found in Russian palaces-museums, designed by visiting architects who followed foreign canons.

In this version of the layout, the main action inside the living room takes place away from the window structures, carrying a limited lighting function and the role of a theater curtain hiding the view outside the window. Collected French marquises, as well as restrained English counterparts - this is just a frame, and not the center of a room composition.

Furniture design of the French version implies the presence of groups of elegant upholstered furniture located along the elongated wall opposite the windows. They surround small tables with carefully made bouquets. The limited horizontal surface is intended to put a coffee cup, put glasses, a notebook. Parquet floor itself is a worthy decoration of the interior, or partially covered with a large carpet.

Short sections of the walls near the entrance doors can be used under a fireplace or a slide hiding a built-in TV. An excellent decorating technique is to decorate the above-cam space with a mirror: lead bindings, a bevel, a rich antique frame are perfect signs of French style.

Two windows on the adjacent walls

Owners of small apartments, where in the living room, which requires multifunctionality, window openings are located on perpendicular different walls rather far from each other, as a design solution, we can offer the selection of zones at each window. These sectors, carrying a different semantic load, will make it possible to facilitate the coexistence of people who are forced to be in the same space, but to engage in their own business.

The room is divided into two unequal parts by a transverse transparent shelving (without a back wall), which can be used from two sides. Most of the space is given to a traditional living room:

  • resting place for the whole family;
  • film sharing;
  • noisy and board games;
  • large company dinners.

One of the TV placement options is to mount it on a rotating stand or bracket in the middle of the rack, then it will be available for viewing in both zones.

In the second, smaller part, which includes a window on the long side, you can arrange a study or a corner for classes. Functional furniture - a business armchair, a desk, a computer desk - all the interior items will tune in to the working mood, and a bag chair, thrown at the entrance, will allow a little distraction from business, read an interesting book.

The owners of apartments of limited size assistant, who preserve the family world, will be headphones. Thus, those who support a favorite team and like to turn on the TV at full volume will not disturb anyone who wants to read a book in silence or write a task plan for tomorrow.

When finishing modest apartments for a family, it is better to give preference to a relaxed style, modern classics, relaxed minimalism, eco-version. They will eliminate the appearance of too voluminous elaborate details, reducing the already limited space with their bright decor.

Sharing the living room into two different functional areas, it is necessary to sustain them in a single style decision, apply a common color range. Visually, the separation can be emphasized by using lighter or saturated tones from the selected palette. A good move will be the introduction of visible decorative elements into the living room, and the cabinet space should be left more restrained. Even curtains made of the same material or companion fabrics can vary in cut, which also emphasizes the different orientation of parts of the same room. The main thing is to use an unobtrusive design for the textile design of windows, not to combine the lush folded curtains with the option of office blinds.

Light openings on opposite walls

The option "light through the building" is found when building modern-style country houses with elements of cubism or the guest zone is located on the second level of the mansion with a mansard glazing system. With this layout, the opposite end wall from the entrance forms a backdrop:

  • for the film or television complex;
  • collections of abstract paintings;
  • bar counter options.

The middle of the room is used for sofa groups for relaxing guests and tables (magazine, attached), and the bindings of the inclined frames serve as graphic strokes for the landscape outside the window.

When conceiving a living room with skylights on opposite walls and roof sections, it is necessary to calculate the height and slightly raise the walls on which the rafter system is fixed. If there is not enough distance from the floor (if the roof starts right from it), the room will only be able to be walked through the center, which will make it difficult to place the furniture, and the corners under the bevel will remain unused.

The original solution of the living room project on the ground floor is the use of French windows or sliding transparent structures (a type of compartment doors). Such techniques will allow to open the windows to the terraces surrounding the room from two sides, step onto the steps, “let in” the garden and the sky inside.

Rare option - a good solution

Window and bay window: together or apart. In the projects of houses and apartments there are options where the living room, in addition to a single light opening, is decorated with a glass bay window that is outstanding beyond the main perimeter.

If the window opening and bay window are on the same plane, this complicates the designer’s task, especially when the dimensions of the room are small. If they cut through different wall structures, then the area with a window and the center should be given to the function of communication, and the dining room should be taken out in the bay window. When receiving a large number of guests, the table will turn into a buffet table, the rest of the space will be able to accommodate guests. Also, the dining table in the bay window will help push the dimensions of the kitchen room: setting the rule "no kitchen dinner", the hostess will give herself more freedom of movement when cooking.

Corner window. Modern architects often use the technique of corner glazing. Particularly interesting this option looks when the window opening is cut to the floor level, and one corner of the corner window is a door providing access to the balcony.

Such projects involve the placement of groups of upholstered furniture with the back to the translucent structure, TV and other equipment in the shady part of the room so that large objects do not block the view from the window. If the corner window frame has a different takeaway (one wing already), it is worth balancing the opening by placing a tall aquarium stand or a highlighted vertical waterfall fountain near the smaller part.

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