Cottage interior - design ideas inside the house

Country houses are not usually designed for year-round living, but this does not mean that you can be negligent in the design of the premises. For a country house, no matter what style it is decorated, thinner walls and autonomous heating systems, as well as water supply, are characteristic.

Features of summer houses

The modern interior of a country house is often reminiscent of the design of urban apartments. Today, projects of houses made of wooden materials are popular, although brick, cinder block and other variants of building materials are no less often used.

From the choice may depend on the interior of the problem:

  • wooden walls can be left without finishing, and you get rooms in a rustic style;
  • for a country house from panels the interior in modern style with the use of decorative plaster or paint will suit;
  • the interior of a country house of brick or cinder block requires serious finishing work.

For any country house will need to prepare all the surfaces of the walls, ceiling and floor. This is provided by the full range of roughing works, which represent the alignment of surfaces, as well as their preparation for application or installation of finishing materials.

Fireplaces, Russian stove country house

Many designers make fireplaces or Russian stoves the center of the interior of a country house, which are gaining popularity again, displacing gas and electric systems that replaced them not so long ago.

Among the advantages of such heating experts say:

  • stoves and fireplaces look great in the interior of a country house in the living room, kitchen or bedroom;
  • they can be decorated in a rustic style or give a modern look to the design;
  • a fireplace can be made one of the structural elements of the Russian stove for beauty, as well as efficient heating;
  • such systems do not require gas or electricity, and fuel is cheap.

For the interior of a country house, a fireplace would be just an ideal option, as it becomes a practical element of the heating system, but also emphasizes the special atmosphere of a country house. This is exactly the part that the owners of city apartments cannot afford, because in the country the fireplace is very relevant.

Furnishing of premises

What is also characteristic of a country house is that for the interior they usually use old furniture, which is removed after being replaced with a new one from a city apartment.

This imposes some features of the dacha interior:

  • it represents a mixture of different styles in the design;
  • Often, people design the interior in the country with their own hands, make home-made furniture;
  • The motley and varied design refers to the kitsch style, and the soft one is simply referred to as the dacha.

In the rustic style of the house, the veranda looks good, on which they usually equip an area for outdoor recreation. The veranda glazing is a good modern move to protect the room from the wind, but to keep an open view and a beautiful view of the picturesque courtyard.

Sleeping and home-made furniture

Another feature of the house in the cottage style is the need to arrange additional beds.

To the interior of a country house, they are approached from the practical point of view in the first place, because the sofas are usually selected folding, with the ability to expand the sofa to accommodate guests. This is required, since quite a lot of people periodically gather at the dacha, relatives and friends come for a weekend or holiday.

Furniture in a diverse style will fit into the atmosphere of a country house, and it is permissible to mix different styles for interior decoration of such a house. But the best in the country looks wooden furniture, even if it is outdated options and models. It is very important that the house is cozy and comfortable for all those who live in it from time to time, because the atmosphere should relax and help to relax.

Supplementing the interior with handmade furniture

Country-style country house does not require serious financial investments - it does not make sense, and is not rational.

If there is no old furniture that could be transported from the apartment to the country, then you can try to make it yourself. Self-made structures in the house, including partitions or verandas, are also relevant.

Well-made furniture does not look in every style:

  • Provence is good for a bright and delicate country house;
  • with the style of the country look great wooden structures;
  • rustic style allows you to combine any type of furniture;
  • very bright and unusual loft style for any premises;
  • Scandinavian style will be bright and free.

The modern interior for the dacha can be decorated with wooden finishing materials or stone. Loft allows places not to use finishing materials, since this is a feature of style.

Layout, its features

On the plan of a small country house there can be only one room combined with a kitchen, and there can also be several rooms, which are characteristic of a classic house for year-round use.

If you plan to regularly receive guests, you should get a large living room or dining room. And if a small number of people are planned to stay at the dacha, then limit it to the minimum area.

To give valid:

  • thin walls and partitions;
  • lack of electric or gas heating;
  • home-made stairs and dining rooms on the verandas.

Cottages are usually used in the summer, and therefore there is no need to ensure that the heating is sufficient for living in the winter period. Although if you plan to spend the winter holidays in the country, you need to create independent heating.

Designer Stuff

The interior design of the villa implies the use of a large number of decorative elements, including decorations that have already gone out of fashion from city apartments.

When a person does not have old things in stock, then an excellent way to decorate the house and revitalize the situation will be:

  • flowers or artificial trees in massive tubs;
  • light curtains in combination with a lot of wood;
  • lamps antique or with a minimum of jewelry.

Excellent look at the cottages pictures or copies of famous paintings. However, it is not recommended to keep valuable cloths in country houses, because such housing is more susceptible to attacks from thieves and marauders if it remains for a long time without owners. It is good when the summer house is located on the territory of a protected village, but this is typical only for suburban villages near big cities. Otherwise, there is a high risk of robbery if the house is decorated with very valuable items.

The bathroom of a private house

For a rustic-style design, old cast iron alloy out-of-fashion bathrooms are installed on large legs, often made in the form of animal paws. Often the bathroom is combined, and it is a great alternative to street summer showers and a village toilet.

For a bathroom of a country house are typical:

  • installation of autonomous sewer system;
  • the location of water pipes under the desired slope;
  • saving space and compactness of the situation.

If there are children or are planning, then you should take care of the stone or tile flooring. This will allow children to play without fear of wetting the floor boards, since the tree can quickly rot out from the water and moisture.

Features of the design of the kitchen

The kitchen in a country house can be decorated in both modern and classic style, and the wide windows in this room are of great importance - they allow you to save on lighting during the daytime, as bright sunlight comes through the windows to the kitchen.

In this case, it is necessary to pick up the option of furniture from materials that are not afraid of not only moisture and pollution, but also direct sunlight. There are usually few cabinets in the country kitchen, since most of the dishes are usually kept in permanent housing, and only the most necessary things are in the country.

Bouquets of natural or artificial flowers, or flowers in pots can freshen up the situation. Also profitable look still lifes in reality and in paintings. Despite the fact that we are talking about a country cottage, we should not abandon modern household appliances, which can greatly facilitate the work of cooking and cleaning, so that the rest becomes complete, and household chores do not interfere.

Country houses outside

Summer houses are great for spending time in them in summer or spring, and garden plantings are usually placed in front of the building. Gardens with greenhouses often endure in the backyard, or even outside the courtyard. If there is a place, then it will be important to install a pool or a pond with fountains and streams in the yard of a country house.

The paths to the house are laid out with decorative brick or poured with concrete, and unpretentious flowers are planted along them, which do not require regular watering and maintenance.

To facilitate the care of the yard, you can use special coatings with lawn grass, and the lighting can be done with built-in motion sensors.

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