Kitchen design of a small square (30 real photos)

Small kitchen is the real misfortune of its owner. Close, inconvenient space where it is impossible to turn around, place the necessary items. In order to completely change everything, it is necessary to competently implement the design of the kitchen of a small area.

A small kitchen is most often characterized by the so-called Khrushchev. Although such houses have not been built for a long time, but the heritage will remain in the possession of citizens for many years to come. Each new generation of residents, equipping its cozy nest, excited by this problem.

How to increase the kitchen space

A small kitchen of standard design simply refuses to place all the necessary furniture, appliances, and other things. Repair is absolutely inevitable. According to the designers, nothing is impossible. Using some tricks, it will be quite easy to push the space apart, to give maximum comfort and functionality to the smallest space.

What measures can be taken to increase the kitchen area, visually seemed more:

  • Redevelop;
  • Modify space;
  • Choose the right furniture;
  • Properly select finishing materials.

Any of these actions, preferably several at a time, are able to expand the boundaries, to make the interior modern, comfortable, practical. The kitchens in the Khrushchev houses are not large enough, have a convenient layout, so you have to do at least something to improve your living conditions.

Redevelopment of kitchen space

Redevelopment is a cardinal step that allows you to actually increase the usable area. This option is the most expensive, requires a lot of time, effort. In addition, most of the changes will have to be legitimized, which means that we have to deal with bureaucratic red tape.

If you decide to reschedule the apartment, you need to consider possible options:

  • Joining a balcony;
  • Partial / full connection with adjacent rooms (living room, corridor, bathroom, storage room);
  • Transfer of large objects (refrigerator, dining group).

Quite often it is carried out the accession to the kitchen balcony / loggia. Balcony necessarily warmed. The dining area and partly storage facilities are transferred to the territory of the former balcony. The once small space becomes much larger. Due to the panoramic windows of the balcony, the room is filled with additional light, which gives the territory a more ambitious view.

Classics of the genre is the addition of a living room. Studio room appears. This option is characterized by the zoning of space through the bar. For this purpose, you can use various screens, racks, erection of the arch, the design of adjacent areas with the help of various finishing materials.

Other options: the transfer of doorways, partial integration with the corridor, the creation of arches, niches, the transfer of the kitchen wall with a decrease in adjacent rooms is used less often, but in each particular case it is better to consider all possible solutions to the problem.

It is possible to free the square meters without major changes - to move large-sized elements outside the kitchen. Arrange a lunch group, a refrigerator, perhaps some objects of storage, other items in other suitable places for this purpose.

Space modification

Another option is to increase the small kitchen - to work on the space. It requires an exact calculation, literally every millimeter will have to be counted, taken into account when reworking the interior. Using various tricks, you can significantly transform the cluttered, overloaded with unnecessary things space. Following the principles of ergonomics, successfully place the many necessary items.

Furniture is undoubtedly better to purchase to order, guided by their own, necessary for your kitchen room measures. So it becomes possible to maximize the use of useful space, remove utensils, small objects from the eyes.

When placing the objects, it is necessary to think in detail about the location of the working triangle in order to relieve movement in the kitchen. It is advisable to use the maximum height, floor space. For this, the presence of high cabinets. The main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise they will excessively “eat up” valuable space. Try to use the useful area near the window, it is beneficial to dispose of it. There is a beautiful dining area, storage system.

In order not to “tear up” the working triangle, it is necessary to arrange objects in the following way: the sink takes the central place of the triangle, the stove, the refrigerator - along the edges. The distance from the sink is at least 1.2 m. The corner kitchen will help to perfectly match this concept.

Remove the standard doors, replace the arch, other possible options (accordion, sliding). The usual options take up a lot of space, the benefits bring little. In carrying out the repair of the kitchen, it is better to take care of a more powerful hood.

Furniture for a small kitchen

The selection of furniture for a small kitchen must be approached with the utmost seriousness. Any, even the smallest space, must necessarily contain the necessary minimum of useful things. This is a working, hob, sink, storage system. Any furniture is desirable to purchase on order, or carefully select. As a rule, ready-made options do not take into account all the features of a meager space.

Designers are confident that the kitchen in Khrushchev perfectly fits the corner version of the headset. It is necessary to equip it with special compartments, modules, cabinets, scooters, use the useful space of doors, corners. It is permissible to carry out the upper sections to the very ceiling in order to increase their capacity. It is recommended to make facades with smooth glossy, fully closed, without decor.

Incredibly convenient for a small kitchen to use furniture-transformers. Perhaps a folding table, chairs, bar counter, rolling out additional work surface. Such a variant of furniture takes up a small amount of space; it is possible to use objects when the need arises.

A good choice would be furniture made of glass, fiberglass. Table, chairs of such performance look weightless, load the surrounding space a little. If the table turns out to be folding, then a lot of precious space will be freed.

The basic principles of kitchen design in Khrushchev

Take care of finishing work, the materials used must be carefully. It is recommended to give preference to materials, techniques that are able to visually increase the space.

Light, monochromatic shades will make the kitchen look fresher, more spacious. The best choice would be white, close to him shades. So that the interior does not get bored, it is necessary to dilute it with insignificant bright inserts of additional colors. It can be 1-2 shades, but no more.

Small kitchen is contraindicated in the use of finishes with drawings, patterns, especially in contrasting colors. It is correct to give preference to monotonous smooth variants. Relief surfaces are also possible. It is better to use textiles not striking, without flashy ornaments, it is possible equipped with a pale dull pattern.

The use of mirror, reflective, glossy surfaces will create a volume effect. Large, few decorative elements will give scale. The picture, hung just below the visual line, will create a fraudulent pull effect.

Admission: "Laying the floor diagonally" will help to "stretch" the space.

Visually expanding the boundaries will help “unite” the kitchen with the next room by performing the same finish. So the rooms will visually blend into one, space will appear.

Particular attention should be paid to lighting. It should be a lot. Natural, due to penetrating light from windows free from dense textiles. Artificial, preferably consisting of multiple sources of light. Best suited system LED lights. The working area is preferably allocated separately.

Technique it is desirable to choose a built-in, small place in closed cabinets, on the overhead shelves. Refrigerator to purchase elongated. If the family is small, then it makes sense to buy a hob, with the possibility of secret storage.

Choosing a kitchen style

When choosing a style should be guided by the ideas of minimalism. As less as possible to use parts, small items, heavy structures, bright colors, pretentiousness. Definitely give up: baroque, classics, country. When choosing, you can pay attention to: minimalism, modern, high-tech, Provence, modern, loft.

High tech produces the feel of a modern, stylish look. Clear geometry, high-tech technology, light reflecting surfaces: plastic, glass, metal. The predominance of light shades, a modest number of accessories. The main rule: functionality in all. Comfortable, comfortable atmosphere. All that is necessary for life, no frills.

Provence gives a visual feeling of carefree comfort. The predominance of light shades, inconspicuous floral motifs. Dim prints: stripes, cell. The abundance of wood, stone. A lot of textiles, discreet accessories. Style creates a feeling of incredible comfort, coziness, rustic flavor.

Loft combines unexpected performance options. Preference to light shades. Rough decoration, carelessness, a lot of light, clear zoning, denial of excess decoration. Perfect for dynamic people. A great option if the kitchen is connected to the living room.

Making a separate loft-style kitchen is acceptable if the whole apartment supports this orientation, otherwise the kitchen will look ridiculous.

Small kitchen is not a sentence. A skillful approach to the interior design of a small kitchen will give her a welcoming charm. A small kitchen will meet all needs, will give you the opportunity to feel cozy, comfortable.

Watch the video: Small Closed Square Kitchen Design (November 2019).


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