Kitchen with arch: features, photos

Arched openings are able to decorate any room. Arrange them and in living rooms, and in the hallways, and in the bedroom, and in the kitchens.

The kitchen with the arch not only looks more interesting, but also provides new opportunities for zoning the space, highlighting the dining area, focusing on the most important parts of the room.

Decorative arches are made, as a rule, from gypsum board: this reduces costs and construction time. Then the hyposocardboard arch is trimmed with modern decorative materials.


The arch built from drywall needs to be finished, for which various materials can be used.

  • Wallpaper. The arch can be pasted over with the same wallpaper, which is pasted over the walls, or choose wallpaper of a contrasting color, but of the same pattern. You can also paint the arch with the same paint as the walls by choosing the same or matching color.
  • Brick. The arch can be lined with brick, which is suitable for loft, country, and Provence styles. You can also paste over its wallpaper with the image of the brickwork, or lay out tiles “under the brick”.
  • Tree. If the facades of the kitchen unit are made of wood, the arched doorway can also be finished with the same wood.
  • A rock. Natural stone - a magnificent material, kitchen design with an arch, decorated with natural stone, can resemble a knight’s castle or a cave in the mountains. Such an arch would look great in an eco-style kitchen.
  • Mosaic. Laying out the arched mosaic is quite difficult, without the involvement of a specialist, this is unlikely to work. But the result will exceed all expectations! Luxury and elegance in the interior - this is what a mosaic arch.
  • Tile. The use of tiles “under the marble”, “under the brick”, “under the sandstone”, “under the travertine” allows you to sustain the interior of the kitchen with an arch in any style, minimizing costs.
  • Bung. For finishing works, cork is sold in the form of panels, rolls or wallpaper. Any of these materials is suitable for the design of arches.
  • Plaster. Decorative plaster, often used by designers in the decoration of walls, is well suited for decorating arches. It is especially suitable for the design of the arch in the Provence style kitchen. It is inexpensive, and serves for a long time. The main drawback of decorative plaster is the difficulty in cleaning embossed surfaces.

The design of the arch in the kitchen can be anything from classic to ultra-modern. Types of arched structures are also very diverse, and in general, this opens up tremendous opportunities for choosing the option that is right for you.

a door

Replacing the door with an arched doorway is a great way to expand the entrance, visually combine the two rooms, without making them common. When arching the height of the entrance is easy to increase, which will allow you to easily move large furniture.

A kitchen design with an arch in place of a door may provide for equipment in this arch of various niches, both open, for decorative objects, and closed, used as a storage system. Such an arch-niche will make the interior unique and add functionality.

If the kitchen is connected to the living room and dining room, the arches between them will help to divide the functional areas.

Arched vaults can be supported by columns. This is especially appropriate if the kitchen with an arch is decorated in a classic style. The arches on the columns can be a separate decoration of the interior.


Arched windows fit many styles of interior design. The upper part of such a window can be closed with stained glass, which will make the room unique.

Work zone

Instead of hanging rectangular cabinets over the work area, you can arrange an arched opening above it. The design of the arch in the kitchen should correspond to the overall design of the room, in which case it will serve as an original decoration.


Kitchen design with an arch can be quite simple, minimalist, and maybe - and luxurious. A splendor effect is achieved through the use of additional decorative elements, such as pilasters, columns, moldings. Proper use of the backlight will enhance the effect.

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