Design townhouse in modern style

Townhouse has absorbed all the best that is in the apartment and country house. Life in a townhouse - escape from the urban turmoil in the rural silence. But the escape is temporary, because villages with such houses are built at arm's length from the city.

Townhouse - multi-level sections, combined into a single composition. Each of them has a separate exit, garage, a small plot of land. These are 2-3-storey apartments with an area from 70 to 300 m. In such a space, everything necessary for a full-fledged residence can be freely accommodated. The first townhouses appeared in England in the 19th century and have since firmly established themselves in Europe, the USA and other countries. This architectural form came to Russia not so long ago - in 1995.

The main advantages of townhouses

What is the advantage of this property and why it is worth to choose?

  1. Affordable cost - housing of such a plan is more affordable at a price than a separate equivalent. There are several reasons for this. Location in the suburban area, the small size of the land, savings on materials and services of builders due to the common walls, engineering systems.
  2. Independent heating - it is possible to reasonably and when necessary use heat. Reduce consumption in the warm season, use in the offseason. Heating a townhouse does not entail such costs as heating a detached house. All sections except the end ones have only two external walls, the other two adjoin adjacent apartments.
  3. An impressive area - compared to a city apartment for the same money, the houses of ordinary buildings are much more spacious. The common area on the first floor contains all the necessary functionality, and the bedrooms upstairs are enough for a small family.
  4. Free planning - the owners themselves can divide the room into zones, determine the design of the townhouse. On the ground floor there is traditionally placed an entrance hall, kitchen, living room, dining room, pantry, guest bathroom. If desired, you can also equip a workplace, a billiard room, a mini recording studio, a home theater.
  5. The presence of a garage or parking space. The garage usually takes part of the first or basement, or attached to the facade. Often in his back wall there is a passage to the house. Get into the car or get out of it, you can not go out. When it rains, this option is especially relevant. Garages are built into the building, so as not to occupy a small courtyard for parking.
  6. Having your own plot - an opportunity to equip a playground, a barbecue area, a recreation area with a gazebo, plant ornamental and fruit trees, break flower beds, garden beds, install an outdoor mini-pool - who have enough imagination for that.
  7. The presence of a limited number of neighbors. As a rule, the inhabitants of the sections are personally acquainted with each other, maintain friendly relations. This increases the level of psychological comfort and gives a sense of security.
  8. Location in the ecological zone. For townhouses select areas far from industrial complexes. Often they are placed on the site of the former collective farm fields.
  9. The territory of the settlements is protected.

Townhouse selection criteria

In addition to the basic parameters - area, cost per meter, layout, appearance, it is necessary to consider the following details:

  • transport accessibility depends on it - how much time you will get to work, kindergarten, school or supermarket. High-quality road bed leading to the house, will allow without delay and trouble to overcome this path. On the other hand, the track is not far from home, will destroy the charm of suburban life and become a source of constant noise and exhaust gases.
  • Proximity to facilities such as clinics, pharmacies, shops, schools, institutions of additional education, kindergartens. Infrastructure in new areas begins to develop after settlement. Therefore, if proximity to the structures listed above is important to you, opt for a settled, well-maintained area.
  • distance to the nearest industrial enterprises. Imagine how annoying those who bought a house in nature, hoping to enjoy the fresh air and as a result, instead of oxygen regularly breathes smog. Get rid of such a property, sell it - is incredibly difficult. At least at an adequate cost.

Make sure that communications are brought to the house in full. Check for heating, water, electricity, gas, internet, telephone cable. Do not assume that all of these options must necessarily be included in the package. The developer may have a different opinion. Therefore, thoroughly examine the contract before making a deal.

Specific layout

Townhouse - a multi-level design. All the active zones — the kitchen, the living room, the dining room — are better located on the first level, the bedrooms and the office are on the second, and on the third, another common room of interest — the library, hookah room, billiard room, and the rest of the bedrooms.

Very often, houses are rented without interior decoration, partitions, stairs, and the designer has complete freedom. Walls can be placed anywhere - coordination is not needed. The same applies to the transfer of communications - if there is a leak, it will only be your problem. The only thing that needs approval of the relevant structures is the transfer of gas equipment - the boiler and the meter. Do not want to invest in the transformation of engineering systems? Your right! Then do not lose sight of the important nuances:

  • Kitchen settles as close as possible to the gas boiler;
  • Toilets should be placed close to each other and to the sewer.

Properly plan your hot water system. Required: installation of a pump that increases the pressure of water, boiler, fine filters and coarse.

Sometimes townhouses surrender not only without partitions, but also without interfloor overlappings and the owners decide to make them out of wood. The strength of these structures is beyond doubt, but there is one drawback. Each step on a similar floor is clearly audible in the room below. Therefore, the overlap is better to perform on the frame of I-beams, and install a prop from below. So it will be stronger and quieter.

Another feature of these buildings is the panoramic glazing of the ground floor or window to the floor. At the second level, the light may not be enough, and there is a need to cut through an additional opening. It should take into account the location of partitions and furniture, so that later the window was not behind or above the cabinet, and that it was not divided into two walls.

The main character in the “scenario” of a townhouse layout is a ladder. This is the only way out of the upper floors, and therefore must be safe and secure. Under the stairs are often placed storerooms, walk-in closets, bathrooms. If space is to be used, the design should be closed.

Do not neglect soundproofing. In the absence of unceasing city buzz, every other sound will seem loud and harsh.


Choosing an interior design style

The next stage is the development of a design project. The future style of the room and landscape will be determined, finishing materials, furniture and accessories are ordered. In the townhouse will be appropriate a variety of styles. Consider the most popular.

Scandinavian style

The interior is dominated by light shades. And this is not necessarily white. Milky, light gray, beige, pale blue, cream will be an excellent alternative. To mitigate excessive rigor should enter into the interior warm accents. This style is characterized by huge windows, translucent curtains or even their complete absence. The use of furniture is very moderate. The main condition is to leave as much free space as possible. With the same purpose combine the premises. The highlight of Scandinavian design is the use of natural wood in the decoration. Strict white furniture, simple lamps, eco-decor - these are the main components of the northern interior.


Victorian style

This style has one feature - deconstruction. Different premises are trimmed in different styles. In the library or office can reign gothic, in the women's boudoir rococo, and in the living room - baroque. The interiors in this style are characterized by antique furniture from valuable species, arched and Gothic windows, stucco on the ceiling and walls, expensive textiles and antique accessories - paintings by famous artists in carved frames, antique clocks, priceless vases and figurines. Luxury is the main feature of this trend.


East style

If east beckons you, treat yourself to an interior look of the eastern orientation. When making a house in this style, they prefer such tones as red, ash-pink, blue, brown and white. The walls are finished with plaster or draped with fabrics. The floor is tiled, mosaic, natural stone. Furniture should be made of expensive breeds. Sofas and poufs are selected soft and squat. Indispensable attributes - lancet arches, carpets, luxurious curtains, precious vases, intricate lamps, hookah.


Classic style

The style includes time-tested techniques. Characteristic features of this style:

  • the presence of a composition center, a symmetrical arrangement of architectural groups, furniture, decor, several lighting fixtures;
  • luxurious decoration - especially for rococo and baroque;
  • the use of natural materials - precious metals, natural stone, wood, fabrics, stucco.


Modern style

The main features of the modern style - the desire for the functionality of objects, to create an open and understandable space. The interior is dominated by a neutral color palette. The style is characterized by the rejection of excessive decor, the limited use of textiles, the use of new materials in the interior - glass, vinyl, plastic, as well as works by contemporary artists. The arrangement of various lighting scenarios is welcomed.


The interior in the style of minimalism

The main condition of minimalism is the maximum of free space, the minimum of furniture, equipment and partitions, the functionality of interior items, the complete absence of accessories, the abandonment of bulky chandeliers. Finishing is carried out in a certain color range. Most often it is white or gray, but can also be used metallic shades, the color of stone, brick or natural wood. Internal walls replace lightweight structures that let in well. In finishing, preference is given to natural materials with a rough texture. Furniture is selected simple geometric shapes.


Loft style

Loft style implies freedom from conventions, insubordination to stereotypes. As a rule, this is one room with high ceilings and immense windows, divided into zones with the help of design techniques - color accents, placement of furniture groups, glass partitions, screens. Loft - a harsh interior, where the room resembles an abandoned workshop or warehouse. This style "loves" brick, rusted metal, untreated wood, concrete, stone. In the decoration and even in the accessories there is no place for bright shades. In the design will be appropriate graffiti, avant-garde canvases, advertisements.


High tech style

Style involves the use of modern technology. The interior is dominated by clear lines and simple forms, glass, plastic, and chrome-plated metal are actively used. Technique is put on display and the rest of the interior elements must comply with it. A variety of lighting fixtures must be strictly shaped. High-tech accepts bright colors in combination with black and gray.


Provence style

Provence is chosen by lovers of romance. It is soft, light style with such features as:

  • plaster in the decoration of the walls;
  • aged furniture;
  • massive beams on the ceiling;
  • forged accessories;
  • abundance of flowers and flower ornaments;
  • natural materials;
  • trim in soft pastel colors.


How to be with a ladder: hide or highlight

The staircase in multi-level interiors is a central element of value around which all the space is built. It can stand out and be the main decoration of the room or on the contrary not attract attention. The area of ​​the townhouse is not particularly large, and therefore the stairs may seem too cumbersome. There are various design tricks that help make this important element less noticeable. These include highlighting the inside of the steps in a contrasting color, coloring the sidewalls in one tone with the walls, using glass steps.

Three designs:

  1. Marching - the design consists of several staircases connected by platforms.
  2. Boltsevye - steps are fixed with metal rods to the adjacent wall, visually look light and airy.
  3. Screw - the least eaten area, but you need to consider that their width should be sufficient for the importation of furniture.


Features a townhouse with an attic

House with a loft - what could be more romantic? The difference between this and the usual structure is that the upper residential tier is in the attic. The ceiling in it are sloped roofs. The construction of the attic reduces the cost of construction work and materials. A huge amount of light pours through the windows built into the roof - great energy savings. The result is a room with a non-standard layout - freedom for the designer.



Townhouse - excellent accommodation for a small family. Roomy room, proximity to nature, accessibility of civilization - what else is needed for a comfortable stay.

Watch the video: Interior Design Light-Filled Open-Concept Modern Family Townhouse (November 2019).


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