Design of a modern small apartment of 41 square meters. m

Design apartment 41 square. m unusual and dictated by the complex shape of the room. To preserve the volume and feeling of open space as much as possible, the partitions between the rooms were not erected.

But the owners wanted to have a separate bedroom, which would not have heard the noise from the living room. Therefore, the part in which the bed was placed was separated from the rest of the room by a glass panel. Since the owners are young people, the designer tried not to burden the budget unnecessarily.


The design of a modern small apartment is designed in a laconic style and combines elements of minimalism and hi-tech. Balancing on the thin line between these two popular styles, we managed to get a fresh, transparent interior, not overloaded with decorative details, but at the same time devoid of the coldness inherent in modern styles. As the main palette, the designer focused on shades of a stormy sky, and added blue and yellow tones to them as color accents.

Decoration Materials

Painting the walls is the most economical finishing option, which agrees well with the overall design concept of an apartment of 41 square meters. In the residential part of the apartment, a flooring board is used as a flooring, with a warm wood texture and beige shades the softening coldness of a gray-blue scale.

The zone near the working surface of the kitchen is not tiled, but is left concrete - this is how a touch of modern loft appeared in the interior. From above, the concrete is covered with a glass panel so that when you take care of this kind of “apron” there are no problems. The color of concrete fits perfectly into the color scheme of the design of a modern small apartment.


Simplicity, comfort, functionality - these are the three distinctive features of the furniture chosen by the designer for this project. At the heart of - budget models from the popular Swedish chain stores. There is no anteroom in the apartment, so a small wardrobe was placed for clothes right at the entrance, in which outerwear was removed, as well as a cabinet for storing shoes.

The main storage system is located in the bedroom - it takes up space from the floor to the ceiling, and stores not only linen and clothes, but also sports equipment, and those things that are used from time to time. In the living room area appeared shelves on which you can store books and decor items, as well as a tubma for linen. The designer placed the shelving system as additional storage space on the balcony.


Uniform light floods the apartment from spotlights mounted into the ceiling. Dining area in the design of an apartment of 41 square meters. It is highlighted by three decorative glass shades hanging from the ceiling in various colors that are in harmony with the general palette of the interior. They are made according to design sketches, and are one of the main decorative elements. In addition, a floor lamp, wall lamps and bedside lamps in the bedroom provide a rational illumination of various functional areas.


In addition to designer suspensions, textiles also play the role of decor in the design of a small modern apartment. These are patterned pillows, transparent window curtains, a bedspread on the bed. In all rooms, including the bathroom, walls are decorated with art posters in accent colors. A small home office enlivens oil painting.

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