Options and design features of stairs in a private house

House, cottage, two-level apartment - they are all equipped with stairs. What types of stairs in the house can be used? It depends on what type of building they are located in, what kind of floors in the house or apartment, what supports, how the structure will be fixed.

Depending on the style of the interior, the stairs may look different, and occupy a different area. In any version of the stairs in the house - structurally complex elements that require accurate calculation of loads. But, in addition, it is also an important architectural detail, often having a significant impact on the entire interior.

Sometimes it is the staircase that is the main style forming element. In order to choose the right staircase, which will perform not only the main function - to provide communication between the floors, but also to serve as decoration for the house, you need to understand its design features, the area it occupies, as well as its decorative features.

Main types of stairs


Features Spiral staircase design in a private house is one of the most popular solutions. They do not require a lot of space, for the simplest options enough 1.5 square meters. m. square. This staircase looks very beautiful, and does not encumber the space. There are various options for fixing such structures.

Stairs of this type are suitable for all style areas - modern or classic.

Disadvantages. Climbing the spiral staircase is not very convenient, it is difficult to carry objects, especially large ones, and there are certain difficulties in choosing a railing because of their shape.


Features One of the simplest options for stairs in the house is mid-flight. Marches can be one, two, three - depending on the height of the premises. The advantage of such structures is one: they are easy to install, they are not too expensive. The steps of such stairs are straight, comfortable. Reliance goes to bowstrings or bowstrings.

Straight stairs will look organic in a classic style, as well as in Scandinavian, country and eco-style. This design will also suit the minimalist interiors.

Disadvantages. Relative disadvantage - a straight staircase takes up quite a lot of space. However, there are design techniques to turn this disadvantage into dignity. For example, under the flight of stairs you can arrange storage systems, storage rooms or other utility rooms.

Monolithic kosour

Features Among the types of stairs in the house monolithic on kosoure occupies a special place. Due to its design features (the whole staircase is supported on one bearing concrete beam (kosoure), additional supports are not required) it can have any shape - zigzag, arc, broken, which allows to fit it into almost any interior style. Allowed to finish any materials. The space under the stairs can be used to arrange storage places, and you can leave it completely open - then it will seem to float in the air without cluttering the space.

When choosing the design of the stairs in a private house of a large area, it is worthwhile to dwell on a monolithic structure, especially if there are two-light rooms, halls of great height, and atria. This option will look especially good in a classic and art deco style. It is also possible to use monolithic stairs in minimalism and neo-classical.

Disadvantages. The main disadvantage of this design is that it occupies a large area on those floors that connects with each other.

On the Bolets

Features One of the modern options for the stairs in the house is the steps that are mounted directly on the wall on the Bolets. This staircase takes almost no space, as the steps are directly adjacent to the wall. No additional supports blocking up the space. The staircase on the road is not creaky, since the supporting elements of the structure are made only of metal. At any time, you can replace each of the elements of the stairs - they are easily accessible.

Geometry, graphic quality of such constructions fits perfectly into the styles of minimalism, contemporary, hi-tech. An important detail: since ladders of this type practically do not take up space, even very small houses and apartments can be equipped with them.

Disadvantages. Of all the types of stairs in the house this one requires the greatest financial expenditures. In addition, the walls must meet certain requirements for strength and rigidity.


Features On the device suspended ladders are almost identical to the stairs on the Bolets, with one difference: the steps are not connected with anything. On the one hand, they are attached to the wall, and on the other hand, they are hung on special rods. It turns out fully viewed openwork design, which looks very impressive.

Suspended stairs look good in any style. Particularly interesting can be beat them in high-tech and minimalism, as well as in loft interiors. Sometimes suspended structures are used in the neo-classic.

Disadvantages. In addition to high cost, minus one: it is necessary that the background matches the appearance of the stairs, and from all sides - because it will not close anything.

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